For Fauci’s Sake

Check these books out. See links above.

We are in a perpetual lockdown mode. Interesting article here:

When pooled the American people had more credibility for Dr. Pepper than Dr. Fauci

“Well, it doesn’t leave a foul taste in your mouth” one American was heard to say.

When told about this Dr. Fauci could only say: “Go Fauci yourself.”

Hey, if you want to rid yourself of anxiety, depression and other social ailments cut yourself off of Facebook, Twitter, all network news and newspapers. I did and I feel great for doing it. (SJ).

Chelsea Clinton Calls on Facebook to Ban Tucker Carlson Video After His Takedown of Dr. Fauci Goes Viral.

Who the F&^K is Chelsea Clinton anyway?

She was told to go and Fauci herself.

See. It’s to keep the fear going:

Global Warming Rebranded as “Climate Emergency” A number of major news organizations worldwide, ranging from Scientific American and The Columbia Journalism Review to The Guardian and Al Jazeera, have signed a pledge to begin referring to “climate change” as a “climate emergency” in their reporting. Why? Because the world is going to end by 2030 if we do not accept One World Government led by the United Nations that’s why.

Signed a pledge from W.H.O.? Dr. Fauci?

Go Fauci yourselves, for Fauci’s sake.

Why is China getting a free ride through all of this?

Trudeau’s spin doctors: 2021 $2.5m Harrington Lake upgrade “important work” for sustainability. He also spent $7 million on renovations at Harrington Lake in 2020

I only wish I could sustain my place like he can.

Funny thing is it still looks the same:

Trudeau spent over $7 million on renovations at Harrington Lake in 2020

No wonder he is smirking.

Well, for Fauci’s sake anyway.

By the way. Are we supposed to say: For Fauci Sake or For Fauci’s sake. Just asking. Would love to see your comments on this in the comment’s section.

Cause I’m a roller, I’m a high roller baby. And I am Justin Trudeau and you’re not.

Guitar work is awesome. April Wine was one of Canada’s best bands but got little credit in this country that they were due. Typical Canadian response to a great Canadian Band.