Crimes of the Century

Warning: Democrat speak inbound:

Even Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill is a partisan monstrosity that passed both chambers without a single Republican vote. Only 1% of the entire package goes toward vaccines, and only 5% is focused on pandemic-related public health issues. The rest is spending on bailouts for cities and states, and the environmental and social justice priorities of the progressive left wing. Code for: in my back pocket;

Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, just keeps the lies coming. Ignores his state’s terrible Covid response and moves on to the more progressive scandal of sexual misconduct.

Warning: Canadian Liberal-speak in bound.

Liberal; government stated in their budget yesterday that $10 a day day care was coming…in 5 years!. Where have we heard that before especially given the mandatory government term in Canada is 4 years? The BC provincial government said a similar thing…day care in year 4 or our mandate…then called an election in year 3;

28,000: The number of people, called a Canadian technology corps by the Liberals, who will be sent to help businesses with new technology. Nooooo, we do not want government intervention in anything. Whatever the liberal government touches goes up in bureaucratic smoke. Just look at the cannabis file and the Phoenix IT file;

$5 billion: Money spent over seven years on the Net Zero Accelerator (????) to help companies invest to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In other words a Net Zero Accelerator equates to going backwards.

We want Moe Money: $18 billion: To support healthy, safe, and prosperous Indigenous communities, and advance meaningful reconciliation. Almost as much as the entire military budget for 1.4M people. Why not just give each indigenous man, woman and child $12,000.00 and be done with it.

Warning: UN Speak Inbound:

UN: US Vaccine ‘Hoarding” Endangers Africa, 

Africa: We Don’t Want Vaccine;

UN: The Wuhan virus did not originate in China.

China: Thank you UN. Here is another gazillion dollars.

UN: US is solely responsible for Climate Change

China: Thanks UN. Here is another gazillion dollars for your Swiss Bank account.

The rest of us: we don’t want Climate Change. We don’t want the UN.

Warning: Univershity speak inbound:

From the Univershity of Texas at Austin: (Page 5) All faculty search committee members must participate in “diverse hiring training” by the UT Provost’s Office. This training will focus on “evaluation of demonstrated skill in promoting or achieving divershity, equity, and inclusivity in teaching, service, or research within applicant portfolios.” 

Code for: Whitey need not apply. The Univershity has given up on systemic racism.

Nice world we live in.