Climate Modeling

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Federal modelling data suggest lockdowns have slowed COVID-19 spread.

Oh, you mean…just like the climate models, as in Global Warming:

See the source imageCome to Canada they said.

But what does the real world say about this? Huh? Well listen for yourself…if you can. I dare ya.

Modeling, not yodeling idiot-tote-doe.

This is the only modelling that I have any trust in.

See the source image Or this:

See the source image

Just say no…to climate change.

Canadian forecasting model:

They haven’t a clue. Supposed to rain today….nope, sunny, as per usual.

But I’ll take some climate change buddy.

Not to be outdone:

1997 Kyoto: Canadian PM Chretien to an aide: “What did those dastardly Americans pledge to do?”

“Erm 7% below 1990 levels.”

“Chretien: OK, we’ll do 10% then.”

Of course nothing was done. Emissions went up considerably.


Fast forward to 2021: Earth Day Summit, April 22, where the smoke from  420 day is still lingering.

PM Johnson: England pledges 50% reductions from 2005 levels over the next 9 years.

“Oh Yeah,” Biden says. “We pledge 51%.”

“Oh yeah” Trudeau says. “Well Canada pledges 52%. So there. na na na na na.”

The scary thing for us Canadians is that Trudeau means it.

In his closing remarks Biden stated: “Ladies and Gentlemen. Because of your commitment today, the icebergs will start melting, the oceans will begin to rise, glaciers will disappear, hurricanes and tornadoes will continue to target trailer parks  and all of the Earth will be an Eden for the snake.”

BTW, why is Biden wearing a mask in a closed Zoom conference?


Liberal speak inbound: Canada will have 10$ a day child care in place within 5 years. Just like we promised in 1993….honest.