Warning: Liberal non-speak…inbound.

Why oh why can’t she, Hadju, answer the effin question. I want to know when I can expect the second dose. Enquiring people want to know.

This is why I can never ever be part of the electoral process anymore. These elected politicians are so arrogant. It is disgusting. I don’t care and I’m not taking it anymore!

“Network” came out in 1976. Prophetic? You bet.

Warning: liberal speak…inbound:

Canada’s Chief Medical Officer had this to say recently: “Theresa Tam, our chief medical technocrat, said well yes, vaccines sort of work but who really knows?” Just like our Liberal government run by Trudeau.

Warning: more liberal speak…inbound:

Trudeau says family, friend BBQs can happen this summer — with a caveat. They must all be Liberal.

Think about this for a moment. A time today when the absurd appears to be normal. The Twilight Zone was prophetic:

A group of people were charged for riding in a car together last week after they were found breaking Ontario’s stay-at-home order.

One thing that this pandemic has taught me: your individual personal freedoms are an illusion. Anyone, anyone, can become “Big Brother” in an instant. Now I understand how the German people fell in for someone like Hitler. Well, that could not happen here, could it?

Oh, it couldn’t???

Canadians: we’re so smug.

White priveledged thought is racist thought. Black priveledged thought is not. Confused yet? I am. In Canada systemic racism means never having to say you’re sorry…to anyone anymore. Oh, and whitey unilingual Anglos need not apply for any federal government jobs.

A psychologist says parents of ‘exceptionally resilient and successful’ kids always do these 7 things. And sleeping in till noon ain’t one of them.

Social media is anything but social. I am no longer part of it. Decoupled Alexa as well. I do not shop Amazon or use google, facebook…nada…so there.

Celine Dion is returning to Vegas. Thanks for the warning.

First world problem: Grimes (???who??) Reveals She Was Hospitalized For A Panic Attack After Her ‘SNL’ Cameo…poor thing.

Short today. There is little craziness out there.

One of my favourite bands. Sad story with them:

Read ya later.