The Truth Is Out There

And those nations that support my chosen people shall be blessed and those that do not shall be cursed: John something or other:

“The weekend violence against Jewish Canadians across the country did not merit any condemnation from our Prime Minister nor an acknowledgement from our MSM. Shocking & depressing state of affairs for Canadian Jews.”

Canada? We’re doomed.

Finally, some Canadians have grown a set:

You can’t handle the truth:

Governments across Canada have been withholding COVID-19 data in an exercise of “paternalistic” information-hoarding likely meant to regulate public reaction to the pandemic, says an access-to-information advocate.

Sean Holman, an access to information expert and journalism professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary, said uproar in British Columbia Friday over revelations the provincial government was only releasing a fraction of its COVID-19 data to the public is just one example of such secrecy.

Details? You can’t handle the details.

Meanwhile in Switzerland:

A criminal complaint has been filed against Martin Ackermann, the head of the Swiss National Covid-19 Science Task Force and “possibly other parties involved” for repeated publication of implausible horror prognoses regarding the occupancy of the intensive care beds, with the aim of terrifying the public and implementing more stringent measures. Repeated and systematic manipulation of past ICU bed data, presumably with the aim of making the current situation appear more dramatic. False statements about hospitalizations and deaths.

I watched the Nuremberg Trials TV documentary last night. One of the interesting things that came out of it was the Nazi strategy to control the German people: “Scare the populace through the use of propaganda and lies, lies and more lies…”sound familiar? If people are afraid they will do just about anything to save their own skin.

Canada” You are doomed!

Meanwhile in America:

In Canada? We’re doomed.

What we have come down to here in Canada and America:

America and Canada:

Not only are we doomed but we are also fooked.

Meanwhile, in France:

Which Napoleon?

Those commemorating the bicentennial of the French emperor’s death must choose among his many legacies.

I like to think that one of his legacies was the fact that for over 16 years – 1799-1815 – France did not have to commission any of its many “white flag” factories.

Meanwhile in British Columbia:

Be kind, be calm and be safe – now take off that galldarned effin mask.

Canadian Response:

What if we just said……………………no? We are not taking it anymore.

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