Our House

See what we have to put up with in Canada. Our PM loves China and the PPC.

This guy has to go. Please vote in the next election.

This from a guy who shuns racism but does this:

Not once but three times.

Meanwhile Canada’s military leadership is in sexual disarray with many top brass allegedly accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with subordinates. They have gotten away from it in a gov’t culture that says one thing but does another. Our illustrious PM was accused of such behavior at a music festival some years back. His response was that the female reporter’s recollection of what happened was different than his therefore it did not occur. No story here, move on.

Hypocrisy is at the crux of the Trudeau groping allegation | CBC News

It goes on and on. Please vote this guy out in the next election or we are doomed as a country.

NDP and Greens are no better. They want to destroy our country.

Our electoral process has to change. Right now our Westminster model of parliament equates to an elected dictatorship. Question period and accountability is a joke. The west (where I live) has no say in the process. Out PMs are elected by Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC be damned. Most people back east have no clue about the western provinces, nor do they care. Time to go our own way.

They know Ontario, they really know Quebec, and the rest (West) to them is nothing but fog wheat, tundra and a kind of Disneyland — good beaches, Tofino in particular — west of The West (Rex Murphy).

How is a government effective when the priority of our politicians is politics and not what is good for our country? I would love to see a Swiss model here or some system where accountability to the people of this country and not the political party is the fundamental pillar of our democracy.

Case in point: all of our MPs except one voted to allow Quebec the right to amend our constitution unilaterally, the constitution that they refused to sign or acknowledge. Why? To appease Quebec nationalists and separatists to gain votes in the next election. Canada, as a nation? Be damned.

Unanimity was required so the vote failed to pass.

We’re not all in this together:

Air Canada gave out $10M in bonuses amid bailout negotiations with Ottawa

Air Canada’s top executives and eligible management received $10 million worth of COVID-19-specific bonuses, as well as special share purchase options to offset base salary cuts over the last year, CTV News has confirmed.

The “COVID-19 Pandemic Mitigation Bonus” was awarded based on management’s “exceptional performance during this unprecedented period,” reads the company’s management proxy circular provided to shareholders.

While the board actually approved $20 million worth of compensation, representing 50 per cent of the annual incentive plan for 2020, half of that amount was dished out.

It came at the same time the federal government was negotiating a major bailout package with the airline.

And their own pay raise of $6K a year.

Meanwhile my two sons both lost their ability to earn a living due to government mandated lockdowns.

Stay calm, be kind, be patient….yeah right.


BLM activist steps down from school board after allegations he molested up to 62 children. I wonder if they were black.

BLM founder purchases four houses, the latest in Malibu, over $1M. Follow da money. The BLM organization is no different than any other corrupt organization that hides behind the banner of righteousness.


Started watching Halston on Netflix but had to turn it off due to disgusting homosexual and graphic sex scenes between Halston and his male partners. Start-up, another Netflix series, also had very suggested lesbian sex scenes. The sad thing about all of this is that these scenes added nothing to the storylines except sexual exploitation and a toilet trash wickedness. It tells me just how much society is slipping down the slippery slope of a shit based moral mentality. The Bible predicted all of this would happen prior to the last days. Read Romans chapter one.


Imagine a Member of Canada’s Parliament treating his office as if it were an out station for a nudist colony, and who went all Adam, full starkers, while communing with other MPs on the Zoom machine. They were wearing clothes.

He explained this was an oops-a-daisy moment (my bad), never to happen again, and that deep down he knew that Zoom was not really an audition medium for the more progressive strip joints.

A week or so later he treats the world, well — Ottawa anyway — with another back-to-nature moment, again on Zoom, where he does a narrowcast of himself streaming a golden arch (piss) into the office coffee cup. Caught short he was. In his defence he pointed out he was on a landline this time, and it should be noted the toilet was a good six feet away.

Whew…his social distancing metrics were maintained.

Madness today….sorry.

Very catchy tune. It grows on you. Our house is falling apart: