Climate Ex-Pervs

Love thus. Follow the science as in science based evidence:

CBS “climate specialist”: It’s critical the Earth not warm 1.5 degrees Celsius

CBS anchor: Why?

Climate specialist: Well b/c that’s the number “we chose”

Every dire prediction has been wrong yet people still believe this shyte.

“We’re in Dire Straits.” one activist said.

Last I heard the band was doing great.

Climate Cult Study Blames 37% Of Heat Deaths On You Eating Burgers.

I’ll have mine with the works please.

Don’t forget that every time a human exhales, he/she/they/zey/zits/zats or where its at, exhale CO2. That is over 7 billion people expunging CO2 every single second. That is why the globalists want the world’s population under control and set at about 500M people.

Stand by for a life tax. A tax on the very air that your breathe.

“I see your 1.5 infidels and I’ll raise you 10.” Heard at a Muslim poker game.

They couldn’t do it by force so they’ll do it demographically.

US population bombs post Covid.

Whew, I feel so much better: The World Health Organization has issued plans to rename COVID-19 variants after the Greek alphabet to reduce confusion caused by the names of the variants, which are typically made up of seemingly random numbers and the names of places, which are often misnomers. 

“Shyte, by any other name, is still shyte.”

“I think they should name these variants after beer, as in Corona Virus.”

Univershity frat and sorority organizations are all in a tizzy fit over this one.

Young warmists suffering from “Climate Anxiety” demand more doom teaching to get more anxiety. Yeah, that will work.

The Millennial age is upon us and it sucks:

Students sign fake petition to CANCEL MEMORIAL DAY over ‘American imperialism’

Princeton Removes Greek, Latin Requirement for Classics Majors to Combat ‘Systemic Racism.’ They replace that with “Valley Girls.” “Well, that is a classic” one potential classics major was heard to say.

Say it isn’t so Joe: Joe Biden Says Black Entrepreneurs Don’t Succeed Like Whites Because They Don’t Know How to Find Lawyers or Accountants. That’s your president speaking….wow.

Why is it only indigenous? The Kamloops residential school deaths are tragic but there were many abuses perpetrated on Caucasian children over the years that have gone unnoticed by authorities, particularly the Irish. No tears over them. Here are a few others:

Survivors of dark episode in Canada’s history trace their past

WHEN RIVA Barnett Saia was old enough to read, her parents gave her a copy of the “The Chosen Baby,” a book that explained why her olive-skinned family didn’t share her blue eyes and blond hair.

Now, Saia and as many as 40 other adoptees living in the U.S.A…. are discovering their identities within the pages of a paperback book, linking them to a dark chapter in Canada’s history.

The adoptees came from the Ideal Maternity Home, an illegally run home for unwed mothers in the rural east Canadian province of Nova Scotia, where many babies were sold on the black market to desperate couples from New York and New Jersey in the 1930s and ’40s.

The unwanted children were killed and buried in Butterboxes for coffins in unmarked graves in a field.

Between 400 to 600 of others were deliberately killed by starvation, or were deliberately refused medical care because the children appeared “unmarketable,” according to witnesses.

Infants who were sick, deformed or disabled, or of mixed race were fed molasses and water until they starved to death. A caretaker years later admitted to Canadian journalist Bette Cahill that he was paid to bury the babies in open graves, or in butter boxes from the local LaHave Dairy.

A few others:

The Orphan Trains of the 1800s: The first mass resettlement of children;

Irish Laundry Scandals;

Irish Immigration to Canada in the 1800s;

To name but a few.

No tears for them.

Remember the tax on every breath you take. The government is watching you.