Canada Is Killing It

They must think we’re stupid. Of course they do. You voted for them didn’t you?

Jason Kenny, Premier of Alberta, is caught having a rooftop lunch during Covid restrictions sans mask and sans social distancing. Caught, he defends his actions in stating: “But it was a working lunch.”

There is no such thing as a working lunch Jason, or a free lunch, unless of course you are eating a big bowl of green garden salad at home with the kids. Crunch, crunch, crunch….or working for the government.

“C’mon Johnny, eat your greens.” Dad said.

“I’m workin on it pops.” Johnny said. Dad beamed with pride. He was so proud of his son. “He will make a good government employee some day. Set for life.”


COVID-19: Alberta moves into Stage 2 of reopening — Here’s what you can and can’t do.

Sales of green salad skyrocketing.

Sad as it is authorities think they found the graves of 215 indigenous children at an unmarked grave site in Kamloops BC, run by the Catholic Church. Our federal government’s response? Let’s have a national day of mourning and remembrance – Sept 30th. It will be a national statutory holiday – but only for federal employees. Yeah that’ll do it. Less work for the feds is what we desperately need.

Trudeau travels to Gee 7, NATO, as Canada grapples with Islamophobia, residential schools. Great! He is out of the country and can do no harm to us.

NATO – Not Another Travel Order, or the international cocktail circuit.

Sad as it is about the Muslin family run down by a disturbed madman in London Ontario, Hazmat Singh, leader of the federal NDP, calls Canada a racist country. That would be all Canadians. No Hazmat, I am not racist. You may be but I’m not.

In response Hazmat calls for a national day of mourning for all Muslim Canadians. It will be a statutory holiday on 30 October, the day before Halloween, but only for Federal employees. Yeah, that’ll do it. One less day to destroy the country…huh Hazmat. But more chocolate candy.

In light of the indigenous graves found in Kamloops, Trudeau reiterates that Canada, and Canadians, have committed genocide. Calls for a Canadian genocidal day of mourning. It will be a statutory holiday but only for the Federal employees. It will be on November 30th.

Killing it man….

At a press conference, someone asked Trudeau about the 22 Canadians killed on 9/11 by the Muslims. “Can we have a national holiday in remembrance for them?” she asked. “Say on December 30th?”

“Next Question” Trudeau responded.

Another reported jumped in…”Hey, what about the 10 Canadian people of Toronto who were killed by a Muslim man who ran them down with his van. Can we have a national day of mourning for them and a statutory holiday in which the Feds have a day off…say on January 30th?”

“Next question.” Trudeau responded.

“Wow, he sure is a virtuous guy.” A female reporter from Ontario gushed after the PM’s comments. Her colleagues from Quebec and the maritime were also in a state of prime ministerial rapture after the PM’s comments. “Canada should enact a national day of celebration and admiration for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.” they beamed. “Say July 32nd.

Celebrities react to the 215 Indigenous children’s bodies found at a Canadian residential school. Being more virtuous than the rest of us these celebrities are calling for a Celebrity Day of Mourning in Canada. It will be a statutory holiday held on the 30th February or the day after the Juno awards, but only for them as they will be hungover from post Juno partying.

Canada’s opinions of U.S. markedly higher with Biden in White House, poll suggests. “Yeah, well, yeah, most of the Canadian electorate especially  in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, is braindead, just like Biden.”

Canada proposes to settle indigenous lawsuit after discovery of children’s remains….”How much?” someone asked. “And what did these children die from?”

Like the Pope, Canada refuses to make a formal apology to the Indigenous People.

But…but…Canada apologizes to the Italian community for their forced internment during the Second World War. “Yeah, but…but the Italians invented spaghetti. What did the Indigenous invent? Have ya ever tried Bannock Billy.”

In light of this indigenous scandal, every Canadian Prime Minister from  John A Macdonald to Jean Chretien is culpable and should be held accountable for their actions (Indian Act of 1969) or inactions and every statue to their name and legacy should be toppled. In fact:

This will never end until the entire country of Canada is turned over to the Indigenous People to own, to manage and to govern.

And in response:

“Let’s have a national statutory holiday to celebrate Indigenous Canada. Say on the third Saturday of August. It will be for all non federal employees.

Crazy but sad Canada.

Ode to Trudeau: