Dumb and Dumber

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Dumbing Down:

Ontario to cancel advanced math and science programs as the advanced courses do not reflect inclusivity and equity of learning. “If there is one person in a class who is intellectually challenged then everyone will be intellectually challenged…gall darn it anyways.”

“So, what you are saying here is that our children, in math, will be taught to the lowest common denominator. In chemistry they will be taught methematics and in physics, physical deformity.

First rate edumacation me thinks and I should know as I am in advanced Engloish and Grammer.

If things couldn’t get worser: Post Covid back to normal means climate catastrophe. “How dare thee!”

Hypocrisy starts at the top: President Joe Biden will host a large Independence Day gathering on July 4 after telling states not to have celebrations and even denying some permits to hold fireworks.

Whatever happened to Government for the poeple, by the people.


On Canada’s return Covid quarantine policy: “We make a passenger bound for Saskatoon fly first to Calgary, subject him to a next-to-useless testing-and-hotel regimen, then send him on his way on a domestic flight whose other passengers have neither been tested nor screened, and only then we demand he quarantine for two weeks. It’s asinine.

Yet Trudeau on his return to Canada from the Gee 7 conference, landed, was tested in situ then sent on his way after testing negative. No matter, under his own policy he and his entoruage should have been quarantined for 14 days.

“No way man. Those rules are for thee, not for mee. And besides, I am the Prime Minister of Canada and you’re not…..I am Justin Trudeau and you’re not….”

Pure arrogance of the highest order.

Hey, the KKK wants to become for inclusive. Seeking diversity within its ranks.

But hey I am off to my advanced spelling be.

It is about the only thing I believe in these days.