The More Things Change….

Designated non vaccinated seating area. And, if you are a person of colour…,standing room only at the back of the boat.

And here I thought that we as a society have come a long way since the 1960’s civil rights movement…guess not.

And the left are not crazy??

According to the Biden administration women are “birth givers” and men are “penis havers” Insanity and bad English go hand in hand with the penis havers – and the Biden administration.

Need a manicure? There’s now a robot for that.

In under 10 minutes and for less than $10, you can get a “Clockwork Minicure” — the perfect manicure, done by a robot.

PHOTO: All Clockwork services are performed by a robot rather than a human.

And after that a Clockwork Orange hairdo:

See the source image

And another one bites the dust. Canada’s founding father:

Sir John A. Macdonald statue removed from Kingston’s City Park

a person standing next to a treeHe was Conservative

But…but…What about Laurier? Nope, he is a liberal and the spiritual icon of the Liberal Party of Canada. Saint Laurier was responsible for the Chinese Head Tax and an ardent supporter of Residential Schools. And what about Pierre Trudeau? In 1970 he said this in a speech given in Vancouver with respect to the government’s “White Paper” on indigenous matters: “We can’t recognize aboriginal rights because no society can be built on historical ‘might-have-beens.'”

But Macdonald is the racist of the woodpile.

Cancel Canada Day in Victoria, BC. Soon to be cancelled: British Columbia, Victoria, Vancouver. Wait for it. It is coming. Under our current PM there is a real danger Canada will no longer exist as a unified country. The USA is toast as well. All because of leftist policies….sad.

Climate Hurricane Agnes: Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

a group of people walking on a city street

Climate Change 1900: The Great Galveston hurricane, known regionally as the Great Storm of 1900,was the deadliest natural disaster in United States history. Yes Virginia, worse than Katrina.

A look back at the devastating 1900 Galveston hurricane ...

Climate Change: Nothing new.

Great Canadian band of the 1970s. Big hit when I lived in Hawaii in 1973/74.

Have a nice weekend. Read ya Monday.





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