Dumbing Down

More leftist insanity:

(Rex Murphy…NP) The Vancouver School Board is cutting all sports programs and all sports competitions because, the school district says, “they do not comply with the equity and inclusion goal of ensuring that all students can participate in every aspect of the curriculum.”

Gall darnit anyway. If we have one person in a class that is dumb then gall darnit anyway…everyone will be dumb as well.

For the same reason they will also end all coaching services for those students who show special skills at hockey, track and field, wrestling and ping pong. “Sports competitions are an especial plague,” said one staff member who demanded to be kept anonymous since everyone would think (he/she) is a total moron, (and he/she is) “because in every one of them two or three participants always end up in the winner’s circle, while others are either left in shame at the back of the pack, or worse still, have to sit them out in the bleachers cheering on their ‘superiors.’ “


If one person in our school sucks at sports then everyone at the school will suck as well. So, blow on this will ya.

Oh this is rich: I hear that the Klu Klux Klan wants to become more diverse and inclusive.

“If we want to survive as a racist organization and compete with BLM, Antifa and the Federal Governments of the USA and Canada, then we have to attract and recruit more pricks… ”

The International Olympic Committee is very worried that its higher, faster, stronger mantra is being undermined. There are winners and losers in all competitions but in our new world order of things everyone will be a loser because that bar is the easiest bar to strive for, for equality and divershity.


Hey, you made the rules:

Now live with them. Would you want to be friends with her?

And their (the left’s) grammar sucks as well.

I kid you not: Justin Trudeau is looking for a contractor to re-educate middle-aged Canadian white people about how racist they are.

See the source image

Sounds racist (good) to me!

Even babies are racist in this new world order. Five signs that your new born may be racist….(Babylon Bee).

New World