This is why, as a society we are doomed:

Data has shown that tipping can perpetuate inequalities of class, gender, race and sexuality. It has also been identified as reinforcing a dynamic of servitude — only one constant in the guest-server equation has the power to give or hold back money as they see fit — and contributing to the social stigma of hospitality work as a stopgap, not a career.

“No matter how you do it, tipping hits BIPOC workers in the pocketbook, it exposes more female workers to sexual harassment, and it keeps all workers from making a steady, solid salary,” Canadian chef and anti-tipping advocate Amanda Cohen of New York City’s Dirt Candy told Eater in September 2020.

Okay, sorry. I didn’t know that my tipping equated to my white privilege and racist undertones. I will never tip again.

Yes we are:

R.I.P Bob Einstein. Super Dave. It is funny how you know what is going to happen before it does yet you still laugh about it.

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