Cancel Canada Day

I cannot believe it. Cancel Canada Day over the discovery of unmarked indigenous graves at some of the residential schools in Canada. What about the 61,000 Canadians killed and missing during World War 1, or the 40,ooo Canadian graves in Europe as a result of the Second World War? Shall we cancel Canada Day because of that, or honour them?

The virtue signalists are at it again as are the “Idle No More” movement and the more radical elements of the First Nation bands. Their motto? Never, ever, let a good indigenous issue go to waste against Canada. As tragic as the residential school issue is, it has been addressed over and over and over again in this country. Billions of dollars have been spent. It is becoming the gift that keeps on giving.

We do not know the circumstances surrounding these graves. Are they all indigenous? Were they all children? How did they die? And when? Some of these schools were over 125 years in operation in an age of TB, the Spanish Flu, Diphtheria, Polio and other lethal childhood diseases. To come out and say that the Catholic nuns and priests deliberately murdered them is a stretch. What of the other denominations involved such as the Anglican and Methodists? If the forensic analysis confirms murder or blatant physical abuse leading to death then the perps should be exposed and punished. To do otherwise in the court of biased public opinion is not appropriate or a responsible course of action. Unfortunately my thoughts will not fit the official Trudeau and indigenous narrative therefore I will probably be vilified for making these comments. So be it as that is the way of the “cancel culture” culture we now live in.

And why are these graves unmarked? I do not know the answer but I do know that many of these grave sites were marked using wooden crosses. Over the years these crosses would have rotted out and, given that these schools were poorly funded by the federal government, it could be that gravesite maintenance costs were undermined or forfeited for higher priority requirements – like food. We do not know that unless the records reveal as such. And if the revelations do come out they will never see the light of day if they do not fit the accepted narrative of abuse and neglect by white Anglo Saxon Canadians.

I am not a racist. I am not a bigot. I am not a red neck. I am not guilty of genocide – as our Government would have me believe. I am a good person. I am a Christian. I am Catholic by birth. I believe in a God’s laws. The atrocities committed against the indigenous people in this country in the years past were committed under the auspices of man’s laws and not God’s laws. God should not be held to account but man should.

I am proud of my country – but not of the clowns that are currently in charge.

When will it end? Never, and unless our leaders address this and put it behind us my fear is that Canada will be ripped apart. And Trudeau and his incompetent governmental cronies will have nobody to blame but themselves. This guy will not stop the tear letting. Like Obama in the US, his virtue signaling and political correctness are tearing our country apart.

Forget trying to assimilate the indigenous people into Canada. They do not consider themselves as Canadian. Never have and never will. Give them full autonomy: their own (productive) lands, their own government, their own laws, rule of law, enforcement; their own education, their own everything.  Let them be a nation within the geographical area of Canada. And get rid of the Indian Act.

Hey McKenna resigns and will not run in the next election. Why? She wants to spend more time with her kids and fight climate change. Pah-lease. That is a new one. What about her husband, Scott Gilmore? Doesn’t he count for anything?  And hey, what about that gold plated pension coming her way after only 6 years of service?

Oh, I can’t say that as it is racist – so says Trudeau.

Few facts in Canada or reasons I will never ever vote again as I cannot bring myself to be culpable to a government intent on destroying our country:

Trudeau supports Quebec’s unilateral decision to remove English as an official language in Quebec – only French. The other anglo provinces have to retain the dual language schizophrenia;

Quebec can change the Canadian Constitution, which they never signed, whenever they please but the other provinces cannot. So says Trudeau; and

Trudeau says that the only good PMs were/are from Quebec. That Quebec owns Canada…and on and on it goes

Rumour has it that Trudeau wants to give McKenna’s seat to Mark Carney. Who is Mark Carney? He used to be the Gov of the Bank of Canada before moving to the UK to be the Gov of the Bank of England. Now he is back in Canada and will be parachuted into a safe liberal riding to run in the next Federal election.  Yes, he is yet another elite appointed by his highness Trudeau. Am I cynical? You bet. Is the Family Compact alive and well in Canada? You bet? Is Canada run by the centralists, as in Quebec and Ontario? You bet. Am I going to vote? Never again unless we change the electoral process in this country because all we have here now is an elected dictatorship run by the so called Laurentian elites – as in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. The west be damned. Interestingly the original Canada of 1867 comprised Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

I want no part of that.