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John A. Macdonald Erased By National Archives: ‘Offensive’

Management at the national archives has deleted a website feature honouring John A. Macdonald as “redundant” and “offensive.” The content including historical facts and photos for schoolchildren was deemed out of step with “our diverse and multicultural country,” said archivists: “This is just shocking.”

John A was Canada’s first and third Prime Minister. He was once considered a father of confederation.

This is Canada under Trudeau. And most Canadians want four more years of this guy. Unbelievable but that is the country I now live in.

Ms Simon is just another of the long list of ex CBC staffers who have become our countries Governor General. Five of the last eight. That is now a prerequisite for the position. Speaking French is not.

Trudeau joked at the latest press gallery dinner that he now owns the media.

Terrible state we have become.

SJ…Out of my mind.