Canada’s Family Compact

Canada: The Liberal Family Compact

Of eight of the latest senate appointments, five donated substantial amounts to the Liberals, two were former Liberal candidates and one was a director of the Trudeau Foundation. There ya go. Independent, unbiased appointments to Canada’s upper chamber by Justin Trudeau.

The Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau gave the Canadian press $600M so as to curtail their demise in the digital age. Do ya think any of them will print a word critical to the Liberal Party??

CBC – Canadian Pravda for the Liberal Party of Canada. Why? $1.4B reasons why.

Canada has an elected dictatorship hidden under the guise of an parliamentary democracy and:

That is why I will never vote in this country again as I do not want to be party to a corrupt regime and electoral process.

Justinian’s Liberals are destroying this country by a thousand cuts and the Liberal hacks of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime are blind to it. BTW, these provinces were the original 1867 Confederation signatories. The Canadian Con…federation. Perhaps it is time that we revert back to that original model and leave the rest of us to our own devices.

Just saying…

Family Compact? Where a small group of Canadians control all aspects of Canadian life. In this case Quebec, and French Canadians in Ottawa led by the Liberal Party of Canada and Justin Trudeau control everything.






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