Jumpin Jack Trudeau

This is rich:

Including the 100 illegal immigrants that have crossed our border in the last 6 months.

Great job Joe. Now, where’s my coffee. KAMALA? JILL?

Homeless Indians and activists have declared a Toronto park as Indian territory. People are not allowed to take pictures of the invisible sacred fire or smoke from the smokeless peace pipe.

They are welcome to take back all of Toronto in my view. Or all of Canada if they like to.

Other breaking news to note:

CNN’s employee handbook must be one migraine-inducing document. Because while CNN continued to allow Chris Cuomo to collect a paycheck despite being wrapped up in his corrupt brother’s sexual misconduct scandal, they decided to fire three people for not getting vaccinated Thursday. This also occurred after the network brought back legal analysts Jeffrey Toobin after he was caught masturbating during a Zoom meeting for The New Yorker.

And….from the Canadian Japanese Clomical Helald….Prime Minister Justin Tludeau is expected to call an erection today. “Excitment is on the lise,” they reported.

Coulda had Trump:

But they got Joe instead.

Oops…Alberta gas station mixed up diesel and gasoline for 3 days…not nice.

By the way…prior to voting just think…Canada and Justin Trudeau are a joke and a laughing stock on the international stage…Bring back Canada.

Only in Canada would a debate such as this come up:

Is Burning Churches Justified?

You have to ask a question like that. Then again our Prime Minister weighed in…It is understandable you know…are you kidding me. And this guy will in all probability get re-elected if an erection is held today in Canada.

And only in Canada:

Pro-lockdown protesters demand Alberta brings back public executions…erm public health restrictions

Or this:

Trudeau’s enviro office holds “Draganza” workshop (during work hours).

I kid you not. This is what Canada has stooped to under Peter Pan Trudeau.

I want my country back:

The world that I know.