Bat Shyte Crazy

Our PM is getting crazier and crazier by the day. Canada has a liberal precedent for craziness though. Mackenzie King, our longest serving Prime Minister, held seances to converse with his dearly departed mom and deceased cat. He was our wartime Prime Minister and a liberal to boot and was clearly out of his mind.

Now this guy:

Trudeau touts need for “she-covery” after “she-cession” of she-Covid 19:

I am not kidding.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau slammed the Conservatives for not talking about the “she-cession” and “she-covery” in their platform.

At a campaign stop in Markham, Ont. Tuesday, Trudeau said the Liberal plan to create a $10-a-day childcare program is the type of woman-focused policy absent from the “lengthy” Conservative platform.

Hey, what about single dads racist?

This isn’t the first time Trudeau has proclaimed the existence of a “she-cession” disproportionately affecting Canadian women. In March, Trudeau used the term to promote the need for a “feminist, intersectional recovery” from the COVID-19 pandemic. Say what???

I wonder what Raybould and Philpott, two female cabinets ministers that Trudeau fired, would have to say about that.

Sheesh! Of  course the Liberals promise a great deal but never deliver on most of their election promises. They have been touting a day care plan for over 30 years.

Hey, Hazmat Singh, Canada’s leader of the NDP is touting a 20$ per hour minimum wage. We just completed the $15 hike. Now $20, soon to be $25 no doubt. Sheesh.

And while BC is burning up, our PM calls an election that nobody wants;

And while the nation is in the grips of a pandemic, our PM calls an election that nobody wants;

And with a crisis swaying in Afghanistan our PM calls an election that nobody wants.

Even the Japanese Canadian newspapers are in on the act:

“Mr. Tluedeau. Hey Mr Tluedeau. Why did you call an erection that nobody wants?”

Hey and to make matters worse for the Liberals, the Provincial Conservatives won the election in Nova Scotia. Trudeau takes a she-fit over the news. She-it man!

A strong message from the late 60s. Could use this song as an anthem today.

Fuck BLM and Antifa and the left.

A great song from Three Dog Night.