Whose The Racist


Taliban open fire on crowd of protesters resisting replacement of Afghan national flag.


Taliban execute Afghan woman for not wearing burka despite propaganda tour about respecting women’s rights.


Chaos At The Airport As Afghans Try To Flee The Taliban ...

President Biden’s response:

But that was four…five days ago.

And Trudeau’s

He calls an election that nobody wants. There is a reason that Canada adopted a fixed election date. To avoid what he is doing now.

But…but…according to Trudeau, Canadians are racist, Canadians are bigots, Canadians are guilty of genocide. Only Quebecers are worthy Canadians, have the best Prime Ministers and rule Canada. Parliament is toxic. “That is why I called an election…if I win to transform Canada into my image.”

Okay. If Canada is as bad as Trudeau says then move to Afghanistan or Pakistan or any of the other Stans out there. See how that works for ya.

Have a nice day. Surely the Afghans won’t.

From Threshold Of A Dream by the Moody Blues