Secret Agenda

It is election time in Canada and time for the Liberal Party of Canada to roll out their tried and true and oh so tiring campaign tactic…ta da:

The Conservatives have a secret agenda…yaaayyyy.

Never mind Trudeau’s secret agenda of Carbon Tax, Climate Change, Build Back Better and on and on it goes…all things that never came up in his platform during the last election. He won and then surprise: Climate Change is the number one issue facing Canadians. Tax, tax, tax and more tax then spend, spend, spend to the tune of over $354 billion dollar deficit to bring our national debt to over 1 trillion dollars.

Trudeau is single handedly focused in destroying Alberta and the energy sector there and in Canada. He sucks up to China, loves Cuba and the late Castro and is currently out to lunch wrt Afghanistan. He has made Canada a laughing stock internationally and has undermined our military. He wore Black Face three times that we know of – the latest being when he was 29. He took a knee for BLM and virtue signals up rainbow storm. He has no qualifications for the job other than his name. A total embarrassment. And yet he will probably win another minority, maybe a majority, due to the total ignorance of the eastern Canadian electorate. Their “who else is there” rationalization is entirely irrational in my mind.

He has accused Canadians of genocide, called Canada a country of systemic racism and has divided us along the lines of his “diversity is our strength” mantra. He is the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had. He is a nowhere man.

I billion is a thousand million and 1 trillion is a thousand billion. Try to pay that sucker off. Our future generations are screwed and all because of happy face and sunny times Trudeau and his incompetent cabinet.

But I am not happy with the Conservatives and their pro choice and LGBT stance. I must admit that I am pro life and a religious person, being that I believe in God, in marriage between a man and a woman and basic Judeo Christian values. Yet I would never tell a woman what to do or a man or woman who to marry or love. That is their choice and I respect that but my choice is not to support any party that believes in abortion, gay marriage…oh well. That is my choice and last time I checked we do live in a democracy…although even that is a stretch these days. I guess it will be the Natural Party for me. Oh wait a minute they believe in yogic flying and mattress gymnastics and I am scared of heights and trampolines make me sick.

Are the Rhinos still around?

Canada has a 'Rhinoceros Party' - Business Insider

Yes they are and I like their hats. Sign me up.

Two of their senior cabinet ministers…if elected:

The Rhinoceros Party Promises Nationalization Of Tim ...

They promise to nationalize Timmy’s. That is their entire platform. Works for me.

Have a nice weekend. I will be signing off until late September. I am getting married…at 70 for cripes sake. But we are both widows / widowers and she is a wonderful woman. It is not great to live alone.