Heil Bent On Bonnie


I am vaccinated but I do not agree with this.

By Oct 24 all residents of BC will have to show a vax passport in order to participate or enjoy non essential events and services such as restaurants, bars, movies, sporting events etc. Heck, at the height of the pandemic we did not have to do this. And people wonder how the German people could follow and support someone like Hitler and his Nazis. Easy. Just inject fear into the equation.

This is the world we live in:

It may have delighted generations of children, but The Tiger Who Came To Tea reinforces gender inequality which causes violence against women and girls, a campaigner said yesterday.

Rachel Adamson, of Zero Tolerance, a charity working to end men’s violence against women, said Judith Kerr’s 1968 classic was ‘problematic’ because of its ‘old fashioned’ portrayal of women and family dynamics.

Why do we give these whackos a platform?

BTW, the Bible is next.

But can they write?

We are participants in the Canadian Newsroom Diversity Survey led by the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ). The results, expected this fall, will offer a comparative analysis of the gender and racial makeup of at least 170 news organizations in Canada.

CBC/Radio-Canada is an industry leader when it comes to tracking and reporting on equity and staffing, having done so since the 1980s. As a federally regulated Crown corporation, CBC reports annually on our overall staffing composition per the Employment Equity Act, but many of us want more detail.

Are we reflective of Canada’s demography in the voices you hear, see or read each day? What about behind the scenes? Does management look different from part-time staff? Can we get more detail about specific racial groups as opposed to broad Employment Equity Act definitions such as “visible minority” or terms like “people of colour”?

But can they write?

I thought so…..

Like father, like son.





2 thoughts on “Heil Bent On Bonnie”

  1. I won’t engage you in this discussion on Saturday…or maybe I will…I disagree with you 110% re the mandatory vaccination to participate in non essential events…why the fuck should they be allowed in if they refuse to get vaccinated…fuck them…they can expose themselves to COVID all they want…but not at my risk. And comparing this to Nazi-Jew is over the top John..


    1. I am not against mandatory vaccinations. I am against having to show papers in my community that I have been vaccinated.

      I am not the only one here and I am not talking red necks either. I know you love Bonnie but this goes too far. If you are vaccinated then you are fully protected. From what you are saying, is that you do not want to be exposed to people who are not vaccinated. They are the ones at risk. Not you. If I am at risk then the vaccine doesn’t work. Showing papers in our community is a slippery slope Ted. And now we have to wear masks that are less than 10% effective and we have to social distance again. This is madness. The reference to Hitler is to show that normal people are capable of anything if they are fearful. Covid 19 is a good example of that. Just do the research.

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