Back To Reality

Back…from a 19 day road trip. Went as far east as Yorkton Saskatchewan. Travelled through the Roger’s Kicking Horse Pass on the way out and returned via the Crows Nest Pass and highway. The Crow’s Nest was the better of the two routes for spectacular scenery…Wow.

Went to a Roughrider’s game at the new Mosaic stadium in Regina. What a great place. Toronto Argos…my team….sucked brutally…and lost.

Great trip and so nice to get away from all the Covid BS. Never watched or listened to a single newscast while away.

I have the double vax but cannot go into a restaurant without proof or without a mask and must social distance. What does that tell me? The vax doesn’t work. When travelling outside the country I must show proof…going and coming back…of a negative Covid test. That tells me that the proof is not in the vax pudding but in the physiology of the virus itself into my very being.

Health ministries in Canada are not reporting Covid cases honestly. Noooo…really. I am starting the think getting the vax was not the right thing to do. After all…I am healthy and have no underlying health issues. Target the vulnerable. A friend of mine is in Spain without a vaccine…just a negative Covid test. What does that tell me? The vax doesn’t work and that many governments have no confidence in them.

Masks do not work. How do I know? Put on your mask and then wear glasses. The glasses fog up which tells me the aerosol or your exhaled breath is leaking out…no matter how tight you adjust that mask. There is no seal. And, you are exhaling CO2. A double whammy for the enviro-mentals. And why can I take my mask off when I sit down but when I stand I have to wear it? Is the virus that smart that it can tell when I am standing and sitting….AND ATTACK!?

My Japanese friend also tells me that we had an erection while I was gone. And that the guy who wore black face three times; who had a huge scandal with the WE charity / organization; who was cited for unethical conduct three times; who racked up our national debt to over a trillion dollars in one year; who fired two competent female MPs over a conflict of agreement on the unethical goings on of SNC Lavalin – a Quebec Company; who panders to Quebec over and over again all the while ignoring English Canada; who left two Canadians languishing in a Chinese prison for over a 1,000 days; who is a laughing stock internationally; who has brought our military down to irrelevancy; who pits one interest group against another; has divided this country like no other PM; has the most incompetent cabinet in Canadian governance history; who promises everything and never delivers; and on an on it goes….WAS RE-ELECTED. This is our Prime Minister:

Yes indeedy. Why? Well who else is there?… being the rallying cry of the Canadian left.


More doubling down on stupidity:

In April 2020, citing “equity” and its goal to restructure and dismantle “systems and institutions that create the dichotomy of beneficiaries and the oppressed and marginalized,” the Oregon Department of Education eliminated grades and proficiency in reading, writing, and math as requirements for graduation…coming to a Canadian left wing city near you.

“Without scores there can be no disparity…no inequality. We will go down to the lowest common denominator.”

Oh, and speaking of denominators, no math as well. Well, maybe the new math as in 1 + 1 = 11.

The enviro – mental movement is all in a tizzy as:

Record Power Prices & Blackouts Hit Germany

The Germans have broken a record again: “We have the most expensive electricity prices in the world” Yaa Vol.

Trudeau is jealous. Canadians? Stand by for heavy rolling. We will be taxed to death.

Canada’s electoral process? An elected dictatorship. With the NDP in his back pocket Trudeau can do anything his little post national state heart desires. And there is nothing you or I can do about that.

And, while sea level rise has been miniscule to date and Vanuatu and the Maldives are still with us:…California “experts” hype sea level rise by 2050 50+ times greater than actual data shows.

Male buildings, Maldives - HD wallpaper download ...

Maldives today

Of course many of us will be dead and gone so we can never dispute this.

UN touts that we have passed the tipping point of climate change disaster. Cites that only a global response to the climate disaster can save us. This is UN code for One World Government led by the UN of course…of course.

I should have stayed away.

And now for some heartwarming music to counter the craziness in our world today:

And in the last days there shall be great deception.

Not to worry as God, and not the UN, is in control.

Have a nice day.