Let’s Go Brandon – “F Joe Biden”

I have now heard it all. This from the BBC:

BBC Explains How to Have Carbon Guilt Free Sex.

What is eco-friendly sex?

“For some, being eco-friendly sexually means selecting lubes, toys, bed sheets and condoms that have less impact on the planet,” explains Dr Adenike Akinsemolu, an environmental sustainability scientist from Nigeria.

No mention of 10 foot barge poles. And then there is Lauren:

Lauren lives almost entirely waste-free and, since 2012, has collected anything she hasn’t been able to recycle in a jar.

You won’t find condoms in Lauren’s jar and, as they are the only contraception effective against STIs, she asks all her sexual partners to get tested before sleeping with them or she will put them in her little jar.

You could make a horror film about this premise called “Jar Head.”

Where is my 10 foot barge pole anyway?

Which brings us to this:

The climate impact of reproducing

Which brings us to another point where sex and the environment collide – having children.

According to a 2017 study, living car-free saves about 2.3 tonnes of CO2 a year, while sticking to a plant-based diet saves 0.8 tonnes. By comparison – if you live in the developed world – not having a child saves about 58.6 tonnes per year. And not having sex with Lauren saves another bundle, which brings us full circle to this:

Of course, having the British government BBC, or someone like Lauren, lecture you on the carbon friendly way to have sex probably causes an immediate reaction and reduction of the “problem”, so maybe the issue will not rise to the occasion anyway.. And then:

‘Humans are a mistake’: Why more young women are getting sterilized

A few pics of this breed, er brood, of women:

Rachel Diamond

Rachel Diamond and boyfriend.







Darlene Nickell.I have been traumatized as a child

Good thing your parents didn’t feel the same way.

Lessens the gene pool of the weak.

Great I say. I hope more women do the same thing:

Greta Thunberg thanks birthday well-wishers and says she ...


Quote of the weak:

“The only pro-business thing Trudeau has ever done in Canada is legalize weed.”

Craziness in a crazy world.







No Joke

Truth, Justice and the Canadian way:

Criminal illegal immigrants are flooding into Canada and bringing their firearms and drugs with them. Why?

A man facing 40 months in jail for gun and heroin charges won’t have to serve any of them due to his Metis heritage . This individual was convicted of heroin trafficking and possession of an illegal firearm in 2018, but on appeal the B.C. Appeal Court ruled that the man’s heritage reduced his “moral blameworthiness” (sic) enough to justify skipping a jail sentence.

Wow. Remember, Metis are half breeds. One half is traditionally indigenous while the other half is traditionally French Canadian. In Canada that mix equates to a get out of jail free card and free money.

“Wow,” one illegal half breed immigrant was heard to say. “Life here in Canada is really, really good. Living the hallucinatory dream man, living the hallucinatory dream with no consequences whatsoever. And, with Canada’s lax immigration laws, I’m bringing in all of my extended criminal family just as soon as I find a good BC lawyer. Man, life is really, really good.”

Also, in Canada:

It is perfectly acceptable for Ottawa to bar grant money to non-profits depending on whether they support abortion, according to a new Federal Court decision . In 2017, the federal government required any organization applying for summer jobs program funding to sign an attestation declaring their support for “the right to access safe and legal abortions.” After Toronto’s Right to Life Association brought a court challenge alleging the policy infringed on their religious freedoms, Federal Court Justice Catherine Kane concluded it had, but not enough to matter.

“But, there is no narrative here so move on” so says Canada’s wishy washy justice system. “It is but it isn’t.”

Again in Canada:

In the last parliament Quebecer Steven Guilbeault was the face of Bill C-10, the Liberal’s push to censor the internet harder than any other Western democracy. Now he’s the Environment Minister. Guilbeault becomes the first person in the office to have once been arrested for unfurling a banner from the CN Tower that read “Canada and Bush Climate Killers.”

Who says crime doesn’t pay? This guy is an avowed anti fossil fuel activist with a criminal past. He will do everything in his power to shut down Alberta’s and Canada’s oil and gas industry sector.

My thanks to the National Post’s “First Reading.”

Next up. Victoria changes name to Camosun. Victoria Day is changed to Pierre Elliot Trudeau Day. British Columbia is changed to Columbia Gold or BC Bud.

This is no joke:

The Supreme Court of Canada is ruling this week on whether it was illegal for a Canadian comedian to tell jokes.

I kid you not. Now this is a joke:

Melanie Joli is appointed Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Canada’s beleaguered senior military staff who were once posted overseas are shaking in the boots over this one. Trudeau was heard to remark. “Just as our budget will balance itself, I have no interest in foreign affairs, unless our senior military staff are involved.”

Lester Pearson is rolling in his grave no doubt.

Only in Canada you say? I want my country back.

To all of Trudeau’s cabinet, especially the 25% from the province of Quebec, I give you this:





Nothing Surprises Me

I never ever thought this would happen:

Leunig CANCELLED by The Age over anti-Dan cartoon

Cartoonist fired for making fun of and criticizing government.

Or this headline:

“Saskatchewan sets up COVID snitch line, detainment centres and enforcement team.” Heil!

Bang the drum slowly:

“Quebec wants to fire unvaxxed health care staff, replace them with novices: Alexa Lavoie.”

That should end well. Gee a year ago they were heroes.

Or this:

B.C. health whistleblower says 50% of COVID hospitalizations asymptomatic, unrelated to the virus.

Trudeau will announce a new cabinet shortly:

Hampton Wall Kitchen Cabinets in Medium Oak - Kitchen ...

Should be good and full of nice surprises. Incompetence is the only job pre-requisite.

“Speculation swirls over Alberta’s role in Trudeau’s new cabinet.”

Aah, no it doesn’t cause we don’t give two shytes.

Slow day today.

What’s happening in Europe? Nada ting.

Vaccines are safe and effective. Why? Because big pharma says so. Oh, that makes me feel so much better. We have to vaccinate children under 12. Why? Because big pharma says so. If the vaccine is so good why are vaccinated people so afraid of people who are unvaccinated? Because they can carry the virus and spread it. So? You are vaccinated correct? Yes, so why should you care? The unvaccinated are the ones at risk, not you, unless of course big pharma and our governments have been lying to us.

Everyone will require a booster, and another, and another. Why? Cause big pharma says so.

Makes no sense. Why take the risk in vaccinating children when science proves that they are not vulnerable? After all, the main argument here is that we have to follow the science.

Should it come to pass – say in a five years time – that there’s a spike in leukemia, rare cancers, autoimmune disease or other long term side effects in these children that no one could have foreseen (because no one did long term trials) — what’s the game plan? Just asking.

It is so safe and effective yet Sweden has just banned the use of Moderna for people under 31 and thousands are dying from the vaccines world wide.

Remember the tainted blood scandal? Thalidomide?

Yeah, but it cannot happen here.

It will take two weeks to flatten the curve. Result? Cases spike. But we can all return to normal if everyone would just wear a mask and social distance themselves. Result? Cases spike. We can all return to normal if we would just get vaccinated. Result? Cases spike. We will reach herd immunity if we reach 70% threshold in vaccinations. Result. We really meant 80%. Result? Change that to 90% vaccination rate for herd immunity. Result? Cases spike.

Nobody knows. Just let the virus run its course and be done with it like they are doing in Texas and Florida.

Canadian Freedom Fighters:

Canada’s Freedom Fighters: Canadians Resisting Unconstitutional Lockdowns

Wars and rumours of wars.

Hey but don’t worry bout that asteroid cause we are all vaccinated:

Got that second jab yet?

Have a nice day.


Disclaimer: I have been vaccinated. That was my choice. I did a cost benefit analysis in that I am 70 years old and I want to travel. Taking the vax without knowing the long term risk was a decision I made. That is what it should be: a personal decision and not a government mandated program.








Rules for Thee

Just to note that I have been fully vaccinated but I am becoming more and more distrustful of anything our government says these days – be it Covid or Climate Change:

Neil Oliver hosted a number of PBS programs like “Coast,” a program about the coast of the UK. Great series. He comes with some credibility.

What if we all just refused to show a vaccine passport? What would the government or businesses do? Huh?

But Canadians would never do that because we are conformist sheeple:

There is a video out there on You Tube that asks the question of Black people: what are white people good at? The response from all black responders was a big blank stare. Hmmm, I don’t know….

Well I do:

Being able to talk clearly, think on your feet and put a few sentences together when asked a question.

Let’s see? Hmm. Let me count the ways: penicillin, insulin, polio vaccine, universal standard time, electricity, steam power, the locomotive, airplane, automobile, the assembly line, nuclear energy, leadership in WW1 and 2, the internet, going to the moon….hmmm. What are white people good at? Hmmm. I don’t know. Nothing I guess.

I am white and proud of it. Remember, white is a colour too you know.

The death rates are rising in Europe and the US. Experts are at a loss to know what is going on. Prevalent in the 30-70 age group. Cardiac Arrest being a primary driver. Why? Tucker Carlson had an epidemiologist on his program to discuss. You Tube and twitter banned it.


25,000 delegates to the Glasgow COP 26 climate conference in Edinburgh. They are all Covid restrictions exempt which means no Covid negative test required; no proof of vaccine or passport necessary, and no social distancing. I kid you not. Rules are for thee and not for me.

“Well, I dare say that saving our planet is more important than some virus, don’t ya know.”

Perhaps, but when all of the population die I guess climate change becomes a non issue, don’t ya know.

Jay Black, the voice from Jay and the Americans, dead at the age of 82.

Had a great voice.




Whatever the government touches turns to shyte. Case in point:

Feds’ firearms buy-back program is 34% over budget, according to Access To Information records. “The government hasn’t bought back a single gun.”


So, what’s happening with Covid then?

Scientists have been trying to fund out how Covid started. Went to the government under an access to information request and received the following:

This newspaper used Freedom of Information rules to obtain a cache of 32 emails about a secretive teleconference between British and American health officials held early in the pandemic

Redaction, redaction, it’s a wonderful thing.

Hmmmm. Interesting. Stats from the UK

And why is she getting in on the act?

Hillary Clinton demands Boris ‘mandate vaccines’ and wants those refusing jabs sacked.

Why is she so adamant about this vaccine?

What on earth is happening?

What on earth indeed:

Save the planet, Boris Johnson... by axeing a farcical summit for the world’s worst hypocrites

Save the planet, Boris Johnson… by axing a farcical summit (COP 26) for the world’s worst hypocrites:

The Cabinet Minister was laughing.

They decided that everyone who attends COP26 in Glasgow had to be driven around by an electric car.

But so many people are coming they’ve realized they haven’t enough charging points.

So they’ve been scrambling to find diesel generators to help boost the capacity.’

A second Cabinet Minister was struggling to find the funny side.

I’m sick of it. Every time I do a speech, they try to slide some more COP nonsense into it.

Something about telling people to do less washing-up, or eat less meat. It’s ridiculous.’

A third Cabinet Minister was simply resigned: ‘COP’s turning into a circus. No 10 are trying to get a grip but it’s spiralling out of control.

They’re saying to foreign governments, ‘Can you keep the size of your delegations to a minimum?’ And they’ll be told, ‘OK, we’ll keep it down to 1,500 people.’ ‘

The UN Climate Change Conference, which opens in Glasgow on Sunday, is supposed to be the event that saves the planet.

But ask anyone in government and they’ll tell you the truth.

Its a farce.

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s woke Prime Minister was asked to comment:

“Well, I hear that the surfing is good in the outer Hebrides regions. Surfs up lads and lassies.

Lassie couldn’t be reached for comment:

What happened to Lassie?


Hey, what would happen if everyone who refused a vax got fired?

Decreasing Bankruptcy Bankrupt Board Graphic Svg Png Icon ...


Businesses would go bust. So, refuse the vaccine and see what happens.