Elites think they’re better than you. They think the God you worship is nothing more than a figment of your imagination. They think the family you raise is outdated. They think the society you belong to is racist. Who are the elites? Ottawa bureaucrats, athletes, politicians, entertainment, those who dine at the French Laundry or attend the Met Gala — they all think they’re better than you.

And Trudeau makes the top of the elite list.

Instead of using the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation — his federal holiday creation — to listen to Indigenous survivors about the cross-Canada indignity of residential schools, Trudeau spent most of the day jetting to Tofino for a family surfing holiday.

And yet he got re-elected.

And then there is this:

Show your papers please.

Who would have thunk it? Well, our greenies of course: With blackouts looming, German government holds disaster preparation day, promotes ‘cooking without electricity’. And in England too. Bring us back to the good ole days. Remember them? When we didn’t have rolling blackouts.

How is it that politicians who claim they have spent their entire lives serving the public have their noses and hands in the public purse and amass millions of dollars??

Pandora Papers shed light on how world leaders secretly amass millions in property, other earnings. There you have it.

And then there is Biden: So far, he hasn’t delivered much of anything except trouble and failure and his poll numbers continue to slide downhill. The Afghanistan debacle, the border mess, the still-raging coronavirus and rising inflation are taking their toll on his presidency, and getting passage of the infrastructure deal, which garnered nearly a score of GOP votes in the Senate, would give him bragging rights on a popular issue.

Biden has backed nearly every far-left piece of nonsense in the wind, including a voting rights bill that would put Washington in full charge of federal elections. He talked about making Puerto Rico a state, packing the Supreme Court and ending the Senate filibuster.

He’s also showed himself to be an open-borders (except for Canada) president and adopted the language of the worst race-baiters by insisting the nation is guilty of “systemic racism” even while he calls Americans “good people.” Just like Trudeau, although Trudeau went one further than Biden – because we are sooo much better than the Americans don’t ya know – and accused all Canadians of Genocide.

Could of had Trump and could have rid ourselves of Trudeau in the last election. But they and we didn’t.

Oh well. Happy Tuesday.