Total Covid cases in BC to date since the beginning, January 2020?


Total Deaths?


Percentage? 1%

So, out of a population of over 5M people, 189,680 or 3% of the population have contracted Covid of which 1,983 people have died. Percentage of deaths due to Covid in the province?

1 %

Survival rate?


Of those 1,983 deaths, information on comorbidity cannot be found anywhere. I have gone to the BC Coroners office for comorbidity numbers.

And we shut down our economy and ruined people’s livelihood for this?

No wonder Texas and Florida opened up since last March.


Fully vaccinated

Total population


12 and older


And yet we are still under restrictions. Why? We were told that a 70% vax rate would equate to herd immunity and allow us to get back to normal yet here we are: we still cannot gather indoors and we now have to show a vaccine passport, except for fast food outlets??????

By comparison, the drug overdose numbers in BC are shocking:

In 2020, 1,716 people in BC died due to illicit drug use equating to 4.7 deaths a day — a 74% increase over 2019. So far in 2021 there have been 1,204 suspected illicit drug toxicity deaths between January and July 2021 for a total 2,920 deaths in the same time period as Covid.

Response from or government? Nada.

We are being deceived and I don’t know why.