A Lighter Shade Of Pale

Let there be light…

Then there’s the vaccine miracle in New Brunswick. With 90% of the population jabbed, and 81% double jabbed cases are at an all time high and they just cancelled Thanksgiving.

…at the end of the tunnel.

There is but it’s a medical train stupid. Coming straight for you.

Rex Murphy: Trudeau’s Tofino romp exposed him as a hypocrite in the eyes of the public. How can he continue to govern?

Because it is 2021 Rex. A new liberal age is before us where everything is okay. Trudeau just put the hip in hypocrite.

Did you know that you can fly to Europe and the US with nothing but a proof of negative Covid? That is right. Vaccines are not required. I kid you not.

Update: Trudeau just announced proof of vaccine passport will be required for all travel in and out of Canada, as of 30 October. Punishing the non vaxers.

And did you know that fast food joints are exempt from showing a vaccine passport. Restaurants? Yes. Timmies and McDee’s? No. Boy oh boy is that virus ever smart. Will it have fries with that?

But, but you told us that we would reach herd immunity with 70% vaccination. We are now at 88%. What gives?

It’s alive. It’s alive.


Gender is a fact………….of life Virgin..ee…ah.

Will Canada see a repeat record-setting heat wave in summer 2022?

Of course…ho hum. I can predict with absolute accuracy that 2022 will go down as the hottest year on record. Just like 2021,2020, 2019…2018, 2017, 2016….ho hum. Oh, and it’s a heat dome, not a heat wave.

Welcome to 1984 redux – Canadian style:

It’s a gas,gas,gas: is the biggest greenhouse in the US the future of farming? Not if the climate has anything to do with it it isn’t.

Quote of the week?

“Trannies and transwomen will kill women’s sports. What’s not to love?”

Women’s world hockey. Save time and just go straight to the final between the USA and Canada.

Fun times are ahead.