Buddy Can Ya Spare a Dime?

This is why people are upset with the gov’t mandated Covid rules:

Delegates attend the opening ceremony of the COP 24 United ...

(COP 26): This time there will be as many as 25,000 delegates travelling great distances by jet during a plague and — this will shock no one — as the BBC reports “COVID rules will be relaxed … (delegates) will not require to be fully vaccinated.” Of course not. Unlike the rest of us, global warmer warriors have virtue-signaling immunity.

We’re the COPs and we’re here to screw you.

(Rex) Because COP26 is about global warming. Which is as an elixir, a magic wand, a fiat from Zeus himself, against every reality. As energy supplies dry up, as green policies advance ruin upon the economies of nations, as prices inflate and gasoline costs soar, the ludicrously righteous assembly in Glasgow gets exempted from the plague of all the rules and regulations imposed with force of law and threat of job loss on everyone else but them.

Now they’re getting desperate:

UK’s hidden goldmine of SEAWEED to invigorate Brexit Britain’s economy and slash emissions

Just like the peat farms of Scotland and Ireland did in the late 1700’s and drove many to the New World.

Don’t they know that taking CO2 out of our atmosphere is dangerous folly. CO2 is the building block of life on this planet. The more the better.

“During the end times there will be great deception.” ( Matthew 24)

Reality bites:

UK Readying New Law Mandating Home EV Chargers Be Shut Down During Peak Hours.

The power for your plug-in car has to come from somewhere.

Time to home school:

Toronto District School Board to release youth climate activism guide this fall, and dictates about Islamophobia and same sex marriages.

This is scary. I often thought that this might be the case but wasn’t sure about it. Now I am and it is not nice for our future:

The US Government’s Debt-to-GDP Ratio Is Worse Than Greece’s Before the 2008 Crash (And It’s About to Get Worse).

Indeed every country in the world is on the same path. Standby for fiscal heavy rolling and no matter what any of the leaders of the world might say to obfuscate their financial woes they only have themselves to blame. Here in Canada our idiot Prime Minister would say: The budget will balance itself.” as he racked up the largest single year debt in our history, or, how about this profundity: “I have no interest in Canada’s financial situation”… unless it pertains to my socks:

Justin Trudeau *Really* Loves Fun Socks Photos | GQ

Our Prime Minister. Canadians? WAKE UP.

This is cute:

Remember all those health-care workers we banged pots for and spent months proclaiming as heroes? Thousands of them are about to get fired . Under new federal vaccine mandates that Reuters has called  “one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the world,” any health-care worker who refuses a COVID shot faces dismissal, with no options to substitute regular testing or even to opt out on account of prior COVID-19 recovery.

In Quebec, with hard vaccine mandates poised to eliminate up to 20,000 workers from the province’s already overstretched health system , the provincial government has extended the deadline to Nov. 15 in a bid to boost vaccinations.

Postal workers are suddenly exempt from federal vaccine mandates, however . This week, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers got an exemption to the mandate wherein they can instead submit to a free weekly COVID-19 test.

This is laughable. The Liberal Family Compact in action:

Former Postmedia columnist Paula Simons is among the latter camp of unelected Albertans selected by a Liberal government. In a series of Thanksgiving Day Twitter posts , Simons defended the existence of an unelected Senate , saying that having a body of legislators divorced from a “partisan political arena” makes them better able to “defend the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and minority rights, even when such views were unpopular.” In other words, it’s by design that we’re supposed to hate the Senate.

Really. Tell that to the majority of senators in the senate that were nominated by the Liberal Government.

Geeesh. They (our Federal Government) must really think we are stupid.

After the last election. Maybe we are.