Trust and Credibility

Watch this and you will get some idea of the problems Canadians face with respect to media trust and the lack thereof.

From Victoria, BC municipal leaders:

“Racism is a colour and that colour is white.”

A City of Victoria plan on how to make the municipality more welcoming claims that the COVID-19 pandemic increased “white privilege” alongside other uncorroborated and controversial statements.

The strategy also goes on to identify the city’s namesake and the name of British Columbia as “burdens of the past.”

“The weight of colonialism is entrenched and continually reaffirmed in the name of our city and our province. As a capital city, the colonial systems of power and authority are more pronounced,” claims the document.

Soon to come: city namesake change and change to the name of our province.

Calgary has already done it by changing the Anglo Saxon names of highways and streets to first nations. Problem is is that the only people that can pronounce these names are the first nations themselves. Try to pronounce this when giving someone directions:

Q’lhan Shelh; St s’hwulmuhw Shelh; Liloot Shelh; Yuwen Shelh; Sxwuts’ts’ulii Shelh; Smuyuqw’a Shelh.

Obviously Shelh means “Street.”

No it doesn’t. It means boulevard stupid. Everyone knows that.

And Torontonians want to change the name of one of the longest streets in Ontario: Dundas St. That will cost million of dollars.


Madness in Canada.