Covid and Confused

From stats Canada:

The majority of COVID-19 deaths (approximately 80% during 2020) occurring among adults aged 65 years and older. Both advanced age and underlying chronic diseases and conditions contribute to these severe outcomes. In Canada, 73% of Canadians aged 65 years and older reported having one or more of 10 common chronic diseases. Approximately 90% of COVID-19 related deaths that occurred between March and July 2020 occurred among individuals with pre-existing chronic conditions. Dementia (including Alzheimer disease) was the most common comorbidity listed with COVID-19 on the death certificates of individuals aged 65 years and over. Other common comorbidities included pneumonia, hypertensive diseases and ischemic heart disease. More specifically, 45% of Canadians aged 85 years and over who died from COVID-19 between March and December of 2020 had dementia or Alzheimer disease. However, more than 80% of COVID-19 deaths occurred in long-term care, a setting in which the age profile is older and dementia is common. Interestingly, the number of deaths of people under the age of 65 during the period 2020 – Covid related or not – was slightly higher than the annual averages of all deaths taken each year between 2015 and 2019.

These are numbers that we never hear from from our elected officials.

Does this warrant the complete lockdown of our economies and quality of life? Perhaps it does but places like Florida and Texas think not. They have been open since last March, even earlier. Their numbers are going way down.

As the world is going crazy comes this:

US Department of State celebrates ‘International Pronoun Day’

What the US Department of State’s concern about pronouns has to do with the security of the United States either internationally or at home, or has to do with “advancing the interests of the American people,” is unclear.

So we thought we would ask President Biden for clarification of this important matter:

Looks good for a guy over 150 years old.


Have you heard:

Have a nice day.