Wooley Mammoth

Climate change in the Wooly Mammoth era:

Climate change, not humans, killed off the woolly mammoth, according to a new study from Cambridge University published this week

Climate change killed the Wooly Mammoth.

Says who? Were they there?

That was roughly 12,000 years ago, when the human population was sparse. No one had invented ‘man-made global warming’ back then or the United Nations. Greta was nowhere to be seen or heard.

25,000 delegates will be attending COP 26 in Glasgow without any Covid requirements for tests, mask, vaccs or social distancing. Me thinks COP was responsible for killing off the Wooly Mammoth.

Where are the cops when you need them. Arrest all of these frauds.

Here is a picture of the Wooley Mammoth in all of its glory

Why is a Tory Government determined to make us colder and poorer? Boris Johnson's Green Manalishi manifesto is the longest economic suicide note in history

Soon to become extinct. Just like Canada’s Wooly Mammoth:

Will the real Justin Trudeau please stand up? - iPolitics

Oops sorry. That is a pic of the goddess Shiva. This one:

Watch Justin Trudeau Give His Best Attempt at a Scottish ...

Just before it became extinct due to climate change Canada’s Wooly Mammoth receives a honorary degree in snow boarding with a minor role as a drama queen:

Trudeau walks with 'drag queens' - PressReader

Trudeau with two of his cabinet ministers.

Where are the Cops when you need them?

If the vax is so good then why is it being pushed down our throats?

If renewable energy is so efficient then why are governments and the UN across the world pushing renewables down our throats.

If governments know better then why are we being punished for the use of fossil fuels?

Sad but ironic but guns are non partisan: Alec Baldwin “Discharged” Prop Gun That Killed ‘Rust’ Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins & Injured Director On Set. 

Why do we need a Great Reset? Who says we need a reset? Would you listen to a guy like this that we have to drastically change?:

17 Best images about Laughing good for the soul on ...Even he thinks it is funny.

Oh well. Don’t worry. God is in control of everything.

A word to the wise from Alfred E. Newman ....

What? Me worry?


The great reset to defund the police. Cops are in Glasgow:

In a COP world all people are guilty until proven innocent, which is never.

Have a great weekend.


Oh, I forgot. Yesterday was Trafalgar Day when those dastardly Brits kicked French and Spanish ass during the Napoleonic War thereby saving Europe from the yoke of dictatorship and totalitarianism. Thank God that will never happen again, huh UN?

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