Whatever the government touches turns to shyte. Case in point:

Feds’ firearms buy-back program is 34% over budget, according to Access To Information records. “The government hasn’t bought back a single gun.”


So, what’s happening with Covid then?

Scientists have been trying to fund out how Covid started. Went to the government under an access to information request and received the following:

This newspaper used Freedom of Information rules to obtain a cache of 32 emails about a secretive teleconference between British and American health officials held early in the pandemic

Redaction, redaction, it’s a wonderful thing.

Hmmmm. Interesting. Stats from the UK

And why is she getting in on the act?

Hillary Clinton demands Boris ‘mandate vaccines’ and wants those refusing jabs sacked.

Why is she so adamant about this vaccine?

What on earth is happening?

What on earth indeed:

Save the planet, Boris Johnson... by axeing a farcical summit for the world’s worst hypocrites

Save the planet, Boris Johnson… by axing a farcical summit (COP 26) for the world’s worst hypocrites:

The Cabinet Minister was laughing.

They decided that everyone who attends COP26 in Glasgow had to be driven around by an electric car.

But so many people are coming they’ve realized they haven’t enough charging points.

So they’ve been scrambling to find diesel generators to help boost the capacity.’

A second Cabinet Minister was struggling to find the funny side.

I’m sick of it. Every time I do a speech, they try to slide some more COP nonsense into it.

Something about telling people to do less washing-up, or eat less meat. It’s ridiculous.’

A third Cabinet Minister was simply resigned: ‘COP’s turning into a circus. No 10 are trying to get a grip but it’s spiralling out of control.

They’re saying to foreign governments, ‘Can you keep the size of your delegations to a minimum?’ And they’ll be told, ‘OK, we’ll keep it down to 1,500 people.’ ‘

The UN Climate Change Conference, which opens in Glasgow on Sunday, is supposed to be the event that saves the planet.

But ask anyone in government and they’ll tell you the truth.

Its a farce.

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s woke Prime Minister was asked to comment:

“Well, I hear that the surfing is good in the outer Hebrides regions. Surfs up lads and lassies.

Lassie couldn’t be reached for comment:

What happened to Lassie?


Hey, what would happen if everyone who refused a vax got fired?

Decreasing Bankruptcy Bankrupt Board Graphic Svg Png Icon ...


Businesses would go bust. So, refuse the vaccine and see what happens.