Rules for Thee

Just to note that I have been fully vaccinated but I am becoming more and more distrustful of anything our government says these days – be it Covid or Climate Change:

Neil Oliver hosted a number of PBS programs like “Coast,” a program about the coast of the UK. Great series. He comes with some credibility.

What if we all just refused to show a vaccine passport? What would the government or businesses do? Huh?

But Canadians would never do that because we are conformist sheeple:

There is a video out there on You Tube that asks the question of Black people: what are white people good at? The response from all black responders was a big blank stare. Hmmm, I don’t know….

Well I do:

Being able to talk clearly, think on your feet and put a few sentences together when asked a question.

Let’s see? Hmm. Let me count the ways: penicillin, insulin, polio vaccine, universal standard time, electricity, steam power, the locomotive, airplane, automobile, the assembly line, nuclear energy, leadership in WW1 and 2, the internet, going to the moon….hmmm. What are white people good at? Hmmm. I don’t know. Nothing I guess.

I am white and proud of it. Remember, white is a colour too you know.

The death rates are rising in Europe and the US. Experts are at a loss to know what is going on. Prevalent in the 30-70 age group. Cardiac Arrest being a primary driver. Why? Tucker Carlson had an epidemiologist on his program to discuss. You Tube and twitter banned it.


25,000 delegates to the Glasgow COP 26 climate conference in Edinburgh. They are all Covid restrictions exempt which means no Covid negative test required; no proof of vaccine or passport necessary, and no social distancing. I kid you not. Rules are for thee and not for me.

“Well, I dare say that saving our planet is more important than some virus, don’t ya know.”

Perhaps, but when all of the population die I guess climate change becomes a non issue, don’t ya know.

Jay Black, the voice from Jay and the Americans, dead at the age of 82.

Had a great voice.