Nothing Surprises Me

I never ever thought this would happen:

Leunig CANCELLED by The Age over anti-Dan cartoon

Cartoonist fired for making fun of and criticizing government.

Or this headline:

“Saskatchewan sets up COVID snitch line, detainment centres and enforcement team.” Heil!

Bang the drum slowly:

“Quebec wants to fire unvaxxed health care staff, replace them with novices: Alexa Lavoie.”

That should end well. Gee a year ago they were heroes.

Or this:

B.C. health whistleblower says 50% of COVID hospitalizations asymptomatic, unrelated to the virus.

Trudeau will announce a new cabinet shortly:

Hampton Wall Kitchen Cabinets in Medium Oak - Kitchen ...

Should be good and full of nice surprises. Incompetence is the only job pre-requisite.

“Speculation swirls over Alberta’s role in Trudeau’s new cabinet.”

Aah, no it doesn’t cause we don’t give two shytes.

Slow day today.

What’s happening in Europe? Nada ting.

Vaccines are safe and effective. Why? Because big pharma says so. Oh, that makes me feel so much better. We have to vaccinate children under 12. Why? Because big pharma says so. If the vaccine is so good why are vaccinated people so afraid of people who are unvaccinated? Because they can carry the virus and spread it. So? You are vaccinated correct? Yes, so why should you care? The unvaccinated are the ones at risk, not you, unless of course big pharma and our governments have been lying to us.

Everyone will require a booster, and another, and another. Why? Cause big pharma says so.

Makes no sense. Why take the risk in vaccinating children when science proves that they are not vulnerable? After all, the main argument here is that we have to follow the science.

Should it come to pass – say in a five years time – that there’s a spike in leukemia, rare cancers, autoimmune disease or other long term side effects in these children that no one could have foreseen (because no one did long term trials) — what’s the game plan? Just asking.

It is so safe and effective yet Sweden has just banned the use of Moderna for people under 31 and thousands are dying from the vaccines world wide.

Remember the tainted blood scandal? Thalidomide?

Yeah, but it cannot happen here.

It will take two weeks to flatten the curve. Result? Cases spike. But we can all return to normal if everyone would just wear a mask and social distance themselves. Result? Cases spike. We can all return to normal if we would just get vaccinated. Result? Cases spike. We will reach herd immunity if we reach 70% threshold in vaccinations. Result. We really meant 80%. Result? Change that to 90% vaccination rate for herd immunity. Result? Cases spike.

Nobody knows. Just let the virus run its course and be done with it like they are doing in Texas and Florida.

Canadian Freedom Fighters:

Canada’s Freedom Fighters: Canadians Resisting Unconstitutional Lockdowns

Wars and rumours of wars.

Hey but don’t worry bout that asteroid cause we are all vaccinated:

Got that second jab yet?

Have a nice day.


Disclaimer: I have been vaccinated. That was my choice. I did a cost benefit analysis in that I am 70 years old and I want to travel. Taking the vax without knowing the long term risk was a decision I made. That is what it should be: a personal decision and not a government mandated program.