No Joke

Truth, Justice and the Canadian way:

Criminal illegal immigrants are flooding into Canada and bringing their firearms and drugs with them. Why?

A man facing 40 months in jail for gun and heroin charges won’t have to serve any of them due to his Metis heritage . This individual was convicted of heroin trafficking and possession of an illegal firearm in 2018, but on appeal the B.C. Appeal Court ruled that the man’s heritage reduced his “moral blameworthiness” (sic) enough to justify skipping a jail sentence.

Wow. Remember, Metis are half breeds. One half is traditionally indigenous while the other half is traditionally French Canadian. In Canada that mix equates to a get out of jail free card and free money.

“Wow,” one illegal half breed immigrant was heard to say. “Life here in Canada is really, really good. Living the hallucinatory dream man, living the hallucinatory dream with no consequences whatsoever. And, with Canada’s lax immigration laws, I’m bringing in all of my extended criminal family just as soon as I find a good BC lawyer. Man, life is really, really good.”

Also, in Canada:

It is perfectly acceptable for Ottawa to bar grant money to non-profits depending on whether they support abortion, according to a new Federal Court decision . In 2017, the federal government required any organization applying for summer jobs program funding to sign an attestation declaring their support for “the right to access safe and legal abortions.” After Toronto’s Right to Life Association brought a court challenge alleging the policy infringed on their religious freedoms, Federal Court Justice Catherine Kane concluded it had, but not enough to matter.

“But, there is no narrative here so move on” so says Canada’s wishy washy justice system. “It is but it isn’t.”

Again in Canada:

In the last parliament Quebecer Steven Guilbeault was the face of Bill C-10, the Liberal’s push to censor the internet harder than any other Western democracy. Now he’s the Environment Minister. Guilbeault becomes the first person in the office to have once been arrested for unfurling a banner from the CN Tower that read “Canada and Bush Climate Killers.”

Who says crime doesn’t pay? This guy is an avowed anti fossil fuel activist with a criminal past. He will do everything in his power to shut down Alberta’s and Canada’s oil and gas industry sector.

My thanks to the National Post’s “First Reading.”

Next up. Victoria changes name to Camosun. Victoria Day is changed to Pierre Elliot Trudeau Day. British Columbia is changed to Columbia Gold or BC Bud.

This is no joke:

The Supreme Court of Canada is ruling this week on whether it was illegal for a Canadian comedian to tell jokes.

I kid you not. Now this is a joke:

Melanie Joli is appointed Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Canada’s beleaguered senior military staff who were once posted overseas are shaking in the boots over this one. Trudeau was heard to remark. “Just as our budget will balance itself, I have no interest in foreign affairs, unless our senior military staff are involved.”

Lester Pearson is rolling in his grave no doubt.

Only in Canada you say? I want my country back.

To all of Trudeau’s cabinet, especially the 25% from the province of Quebec, I give you this: