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Free pint to anyone who can tell me what the picture behind Trudeau’s mob represents. Naw, didn’t think so. What that picture tells me is that Trudeau intends to maintain his progressiveness for Canada and take us all down a path that no sane Canadian will ever recognize. Why else would he nominate Melanie Joli as our foreign affairs minister or a 33 year old minister to represent seniors??? I have been in many of our embassies world wide and I can tell you that many of the pictures hanging on those walls come from the same artist.

Members of cabinet applaud as Trudeau and Gov. Gen. Mary Simon approach for a photo following a swearing in ceremony at Rideau Hall on Oct. 26, 2021 in Ottawa (Adrian Wyld/CP)

Oh, I know. It is an artist’s rendering and interpretation of a fish entangled in plastic netting, or the morning after a hard night on the political hustings. I am going to be sick.

Headline of the week:

Trudeau’s new cabinet: Serious people in charge of serious files. Are you kidding me?

Others on our embassy walls:

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High on acid (LSD).

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My kid did this one.

Typical Canadian Art

left image shows black and white 2D artwork hung on black and white gallery walls; right image shows a colorful installation of handmade animal sculptures propped up or hung in the space.

Painting of an art gallery (left) in Canada. Notice all of the visitors; painting of a typical Canadian landscape scene (right)??

Trudough and his new climate change minister are off to the Glasgow COP 26 Climate Conference being held in Edinburgh.

The UN says that the world can expect chaos, hunger, famine, pestilence, economic collapse, natural disasters and World Wars…or worse…if the COP 26 manifesto isn’t signed, agreed upon and acted on by all participating nations. COP 26 begins on Halloween:


I have had enough.


Yes they are.