Joke of the weak:

“CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) wants to know why young people aren’t watching their programs”

Cause they suck…maybe…just saying.

Watched a CBC show called “The Coroner.” It was diversity, political correctness and virtue signaling on steroids: The Coroner was a single mom raising a gay son whose boyfriend and love interest was an Asian. Her own boyfriend was suffering from PTSD. She suffered from anxiety / panic attacks. Her boss was a highly qualified doctor but a racist old school “pig” and a Christian to boot. The detective that worked with her was Black; the chief of police was an overweight Black woman in a wheelchair and it was filmed in Toronto – the centre of the known diversity universe.

I could not get through the first episode. It was in your face diversity virtue signaling. Highly obvious crap. Not normal. Our CBC at its best.


Dem Rep. DeFazio caught on hot mic swearing amid GOP speech: ‘Fu—– a—–‘



You know the world is in trouble when out leaders listen to and take the word of a savant as gospel:

Greta Thunberg gets a rockstar reception at COP26: Teenage eco-activist arrives by train in Glasgow and is escorted outside by a police guard – as thousands of eco-activists plan to cause chaos at climate summit.

Can’t wait. Go Greta Go.


But, but, I thought guns were illegal in Canada?

University VP has extra security on campus after showing solidarity with Indigenous struggle. “linda manyguns” is the associate vice-president of indigenization and decolonization at the university. She is a Blackfoot woman, born on the Tsuut’ina Nation and registered at Siksika Nation in southern Alberta.

In July, manyguns announced she would be using only lower-case letters for her name, in addition to not using capital letters except to acknowledge the Indigenous struggle for recognition and the faact that she has to turn in her many guns. And she can’t spell.

How do you spell leftist? S…H…I…T…H…O…L…E

Long but oh so good: