No Ying

It is now time to show some leadership in this country and get tough…and kick ass:

“Speaking of people stranded in B.C., as many as 500 workers with Coastal GasLink are now trapped within their work camps after activists allegedly used stolen equipment to destroy access roads leading to the site . While the pipeline carries the approval of elected band councils along its route, it is opposed by a faction of hereditary chiefs within the Wet’suwet’en First Nation, who endorsed the blockade. In a statement issued amidst the worst of Monday’s flooding, the government of B.C. Premier John Horgan condemned the blockades. “The right to protest does not extend to criminal actions,” it read . (National Post)

But, he won’t do anything.

Breaking news: Meghan Markel tells all of how she and Prince Harry went out on a date incognito in Toronto. “Nobody recognized us…” she said. It was neat.” Source? Narcissistic News.

Have Mask…Can’t Travel

We’re coming for you next. What the &^%$ over. I thought the government was going to stay out of the bedrooms of the nation:

Chantalle Aubertin, a spokeswoman for Justice Minister David Lametti, said the government is committed to a “complete ban” on conversion therapy.

Schiavo said his organization expects the new version of the bill to be stronger than the last and introduced within weeks of the new Parliament starting.

“Our expectation — what we have heard — is that upcoming legislation will introduce a complete ban on conversion practices without any loopholes for age, gender identity or faith,” he said.

Yet they can cut off my son’s “cahoowee” or my daughter’s breasts without my knowledge or permission.  Leftist madness and insanity.

My children have no responsibilities therefore they have no rights.

Note: There is no difference between any of our political parties here in Canada. They, including the Conservative Party of Canada, are all left leaning. There is no longer a Ying for a Yang. No choice. No balance. If you are a conservative you are instantly branded a red neck, a racist, a bigot that wears wife beater tee shirts.

Flexing large man in tee shirt on white background


The left are the most intolerant people on earth. My solution? Watch the decline in everything in this country of ours. I will no longer vote federally as every party here is anathema to my core values and beliefs.

Have a great weekend. Another “Beach Boys” classic. A simpler time.

Sorry, I lied.

Have a great weekend.


BTW, this is the standard of reporting in Canada…well eastern Canada…sad