Whaaaat Theeee F*&^%…Over

Enviro-mental whacko Greenie: “this has never happened before. If you ever want proof of climate change in action this is it. Shut down all fossil fuels and energy….now.

Okay… but…

It did happen before: 1948 / 49…

No story here. Move on…

And before that in 1894.

 City of Vancouver Archives, Out P288. Photo George W. Edwards

Prove it….

This man was able to row alongside the rail line following the worst flood to ever strike BC. It was in the May of 1894 when the snow melted that the Fraser River flooded, water levels eventually reaching almost 8 meters high.

Turns out that BC had ample warning of the potential impact of the “Pineapple Express” from 09 Nov and did nothing, nor did the Province put out a Province wide alert. Farmers in the know should have anticipated the need to bring their cattle and livestock to higher ground…but didn’t.

Again, like the Covid response, government incompetence rise to the top but they will never blame themselves but blame Climate Change…or Trump…and the BC left wing sheeple will all nod their heads in agreement.

And who in their right mind would ever build on a floodplain or in a low lying area that used to be a lake?  Huh? Huh? Greenie enviro-mental wackos, that’s who and when the proverbial liquid shyte hits the fan will blame everyone else except themselves.

What is the old saying? Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice shame on me, screw me three times…..I am an idiot and a contender for a Darwin Award and the BC legislature.

Bring it on…let it rain.