President Biden went for a colonoscopy Friday and his doctor pronounced his brain is fine.

I always knew that President Joe Biden had shit for brains. His doctor confirmed it.


President Biden appeared to have a “Ron Burgundy” moment Tuesday while reading a speech about gas prices off a Teleprompter.

Biden was compared to the fictional newscaster from the movie “Anchorman” when he recited the words “end of quote” after referencing a statement from the CEO of Walmart.

One person was heard to say: “I don’t mind President Ron Burgundy at all.”

We’re no longer Canada but Can’t ada. We can’t do anything under these Covid rules. People are losing their rights under a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that under Trudough means nothing.

And this was done 42 years ago. I would never have thought something like this came out as parody is now policy of the political correct imbeciles that we have leading us now:

Weird but true…unfortunately…this is what we have become.

Is this my country?

It was the most bizarre or worse throne speech I have ever heard. Justin’s Metis Governor General started by stating the speech was given on stolen land. And she made a point of saying it wasn’t symbolism, that it really is stolen land. She continued about unmarked graves and other Indian issues. Most of the speech seemed to be in French or dead Indian languages.  Trudough’s priorities are making companies across Canada provide French language services – yet Quebec is exempt from providing English services, more global warming scams and taxes, more free stuff for indigenous peoples, free babysitting, and hand gun bans, which have been in forces since 1932,  and of course a ban on conversion therapy yet a parent has no rights to a conversion of his son or daughter to the opposite sex.

Not any more.