I Feel Sh.ty

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends:

Not really. In Canada this would not be on…banned. Cause we are sheeple here. Happy Thanksgiving and talk about anything you want…for freedom.

I only have two words to say about this:

Yes deer.

The #1 priority facing Canadians is the economy. Climate is nowhere to be seen, or heard, or talked about. Except for our Prime Minister it is to ban Conversion Therapy and stick it to Canadians at the gas pump. “We will tax, tax, tax fossil fuels until all Canadians get the message. No more ICE, no more ICE.”

“But, but, what about hockey?” his minister for sports said.

“I have no concern for monetary policy.” says Trudough, by far the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had. “And by the way, if 5 year old Johnnie wants to convert to become Joanne, parents have no right to interfere.”

“Oh but how we need a famine, or a war or a meteor strike on Parliament Hill.” SJ remarked.

“The media’s going on strike??” Trudough’s Press Secretary asked of me.

Oh and at COP26. Leadership at work in saving our planet. Listening to the latest speech by Saint Greta.

Only in Canada you say…..Pity….Shitty….and Prity.