Poor Racist Me

Warning: Liberal / Progressive speak inbound:

Once upon  time in Washington.

Brown people? Oh you mean people of colour.

And then….ta da…:

There ya have it folks, typical leftist hypocrisy.

Hey, the new variant? Oromonic…erm Omicron? It’s all Greek to me.

UK civil service sources said the new variant, which is feared to be more transmissible and has the potential to evade immunity, posed “a potentially significant threat to the vaccine programme which we have to protect at all costs”.

And here I thought it was the people we had to protect at all costs. Silly me.

Duncan BC….August 2021

Gee, I wish it would rain for heaven’s sake. This is definitely a sign of things to come…DROUGHT.

Three months later…Duncan BC…November 2021.

Gee, I wish it would stop raining. This is definitely a sign of things to come…FLOOD.

I wonder what will be said when we get snow?

Oh, this is neat:

German euthanasia clinics now requiring COVID vaccine for patients seeking death.

That’s like swabbing a convicted murderer’s arm with alcohol prior to giving him a lethal injection.

You have got to be kidding me:

The Salvation Army is the latest organization to embrace the cult of wokeness. The evangelical relief charity, which is known for its support for victims of natural disasters and helps those affected to rebuild their lives, is now asking its white donors to offer a “sincere apology” for their racism.

In the holiday lesson, which is deeply rooted in critical race theory, leaders of the Salvation Army want white people to apologize for being racist.

Okay, take me off yer donation list. As a white person I am a racist bastard. My money speaks for itself…no more.

How Ironic. A racist song sung by the Drifters