NIMBY in the US. Soon to be coming to a Liberal / NDP riding near you:

Latest Woke, erm Bloke speaks out on wokism:

English actor Benedict Cumberbatch became the latest to add his contribution to luvviedom’s (Hollywood) warm stew of wokery, when he condemned ‘toxic masculinity’ and the ‘patriarchy’ and demanded ‘equality across the board’ between men and women. Equality? Erm you mean equity don’t you because in a woke world equity is a whole lot different than equality, subjectively speaking of course. Toxic masculinity? Or are we really talking about intoxicated femininity:

The guy on the right is the left’s view of a real, sensitive man:

What indeed.

Lets get back to normal people. Canada cannot get to Covid zero…ever. No matter what our health authourites say or want. Remember normalcy if only we can get to 70% vaccinated? Well, here in BC we are at 88% and still under draconian restrictions.

Live with it.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

And then there is this. From the UK but coming soon to BC and Canada:

Yes indeed.

Love this song by Dutch group Golden Earing: Twilight Zone