Four Corona Please

This is interesting. All of the draconian restrictions that have been implemented for a so called medical emergency that equates to this:

Mortality rate is < than 1%

I suspect Canada has similar stats.


And this:

Biden bans travel from African countries following Fauci’s advice.

Where is the hue and cry from the press?? Trump did that at the beginning of all of this and was branded a racist, bigot, red neck, dictator. Heck even Canada got in on the act and look what has happened here. If only those measures had been taken at the outset of this media / politically hyped emergency.

Stand by for climate emergency draconian measures. They are coming.

You know how fooked we are as a nation when our Federal Government’s #1 priority is to slam conservatives MPs about their medical status. Not inflation, BC weather crisis, immigration, Covid. No, no no…conservative MP’s medical status. And nothing about David Suzuki’s statement about blowing up pipelines. He is an environmental radical who places the planet above human rights and dignity. He is espoused by the progressives as a hero. That in itself demonstrates the civil and political imbalance in this country right now.

Ticked? You bet I am. Unfortunately there is nothing that I can do to fight this madness except in writing this blog.

Over forty years ago this came out: