Everybody Hurts

Does this woman look friendly, warm and cuddly, or mean, nasty, don’t mess with me… erm us?

Canada’s new Governor General. She can’t speak French but with Trudough’s virtue signaling rhetoric that is okay. Not for the rest of us but for her and others like her. Elitism to the core.

Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC), the Canadian version of the BBC, releases “List of Words You Should Stop Saying.” Fortunately Go F%^k Yourself never made the list.

Joe Rogan calls out media for blaming the SUV in Waukesha Christmas parade attack

“Did the car go haywire? Did the auto-driving feature go nuts and just plowed into the crowd?”

Hey it’s an SUV and SUVs are bad for the planet hence this “accident” was caused by “CLIMATE CHANGE” say enviro-mentals.

Enviro-mentalism is a new mental illness.

That is a Tesla exploding underwater.

Tesla Model 3 water (source: Wu Wa)

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) has bought a number of Teslas for its Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) Fleet.

Quote of the weak: The typical bank economist is so boring that a near-death experience would see someone else’s life flash before their eyes.

Interesting ad…but:

…yes but, whatever happened to “informed consent” in Canada??

The only way for us to get back to normal is to demand as such from our elected officials. “Turf Them Out” has a nice ring to it and with that haning over their heads they are sure to comply. Just like us.