It Wasn’t Covid…Whew!

Insanity. Covid, Covid, Covid…but…but

In BC more people have died from Fentanyl overdoses than anything else.

627 Malaria deaths in 2020 alone; 580,000 in 2019 and who knows about 2021. But…but…it’s not Covid….whew!
According to WHO’s latest World malaria report, there were an estimated 241 million malaria cases and 627 000 malaria deaths worldwide in 2020. This represents about 14 million more cases in 2020 compared to 2019, and 69 000 more deaths..


And then there is this…sad:
At least it wasn’t Covid:

“Week by week, I watched Glenn shrink and fade. It was, in part, the cancer but, even more, it was the enforced isolation that took its toll on him. He did, however, remain safe from COVID-19; the disease did not spread in his nursing home during his residence, and he was never infected.”

“During our visits, he told me that he spent his days alone in his room, with no sense of time passing. Except for the occasional visitor – like his kids or me – his experience was essentially solitary confinement. Nursing home staff would set his meals outside of his room and leave before he retrieved them. No contact. Once, he fell while taking a shower, and it took a long time before a staff member found him unconscious. Far too long.”

The cancer got him…but…but…no Covid. Whew!
People…Wake up. We’re walking on a thin line: