And No Religion Too

Ah, “Imagine,” the song written by John Lennon that promotes atheism and communism. The UN wants to adopt this song as it’s anthem for their vision of one world government. This is the song that every lefty, altruistic, ideologue piano player hauls out after a major terrorist attack, like the ones in France. I used to like this song. Now I hate it for what it has become.

John Lennon was not a very nice man. He was a hypocrite to the core. Altruism was anathema to him. Just read his biography.

Religion over the centuries has brought us this:

And this:

Or brought us songs like this, written by a Christian and published in 1931.

Or this:

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And this:

Or, would you rather have this?

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People say that religion is at the root of all of our problems. Perhaps, but all of these problems have been manifested by man and not God. It is man’s interpretation of scripture and the Word that has caused all of these problems. They are man made problems not God’s.

Some people will say to me: how can you believe in such rubbish? And I will say to them: “If I am wrong about my faith then I have lost nothing. But if you are wrong in your beliefs that God doesn’t exist and he is not your savior then you will have lost everything.”

One of my favorites:




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  1. Good Morning

    I look forward to reading your writings daily but often the links to songs and videos are not present. Do you think this is at your end or my end? I would like to be able to access them.

    Keep strong you old saintly curmudgeon. We need your voice


    Interesting. I can access them on the comments page.

    1. It is at my end Derek. Sometimes you tube will take them down after a few days. Not much I can do about that. I check the links every day.

      Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year…And thanks…John

  2. I googled the site with Google and Bing and all the links work. It depends on how long old the post is.

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