I think this post is worth repeating. From a Nov 5 post:

These rules are for thee and not for me.


Where are the Covid Cops when you need them?

I am the Prime Minister of Canada and… you’re not.

Party on….

Quick, call the Covid Cops.

Canadians are soooo stupid. I mean would you vote for me? I wouldn’t.

The newly surfaced photo of Trudeau in blackface from a 2001 party.

But they did…three times. hahahahahahahahahahahahah.

Trudeau's India trip cost more than the government first ...

Please Shiva. Get rid of those nasty conservatives.

Where are the Cops when you need them?

Ah, what day is it? Tell ya the truth I do not know. How do I spell reconciliation? That’s easy T…O…F…I…N…O…yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy. Here I come.

Hey ma, look at me.

Trudeau flies to Tofino for a vacation with family as ...

Now where is my Challenger Jet. I gotta get home:

Liberals would scrap F-35 jet purchase, says Justin ...

Oh, there it is. Hi Glasgow. Yes, yes, yes,, it is me…in the flesh. wait till you see my socks:

Justin Trudeau just wore Chewbacca socks

Gawd, if only there were even more of me!

Of Course Justin Trudeau Wears White Jeans Damn Well | GQ

And the Canadian electorate voted for this boy…man three times.

I still cannot believe it. I want my country back.

Trudough truly is a nowhere man.

Have a nice cop-out.


On October 8, former Canadian health minister Patty Hajdu took to Global News to remind Canadians against travel in an effort to combat the coronavirus:

“I’ll remind Canadians that, as annoying as it is…we still have travel advisories in place recommending that people don’t travel unless it’s absolutely necessary,” Hajdu said to The West Block host Mercedes Stephenson.

Meanwhile Canada sends over 300 people to the Glasgow Cop 26 climate conference.

Hypocrisy know no bounds…or…it’s Canadian government code for Canadians are sooo stupid.