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Canadian military officer calls for a probe into a ground zero ‘Covid’ outbreak at Wuhan forces games TWO MONTHS before world was alerted to the ‘mysterious new illness’

Oh Really? Yes really:

Canadian military delegation in Wuhan parade – October 2019.

The long-serving officer, who cannot be named as he is still in the forces, was among the scores of athletes who fell sick with a debilitating illness after attending the World Military Games in Wuhan in October 2019. Pictured: The Canadian delegation

No story here folks. Move on….

Chinese military’s high jump winner at the rewards ceremony:

The claims circulating around the team about the virus being present during the Games were rapidly denied by the top doctor in Canada's armed forces. Yet one well-connected Canadian source told me their intelligence experts suspect the pandemic might go back to a lab incident in Wuhan, which is home to several research centres studying bat coronaviruses. Pictured: File image of Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli inside the P4 laboratory in Wuhan

Move on people. Canadians? STFU. Says our Chinese Prime Minister:

“They are extremists who don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynists, also often racists. It’s a small group that muscles in, and we have to make a choice in terms of leaders, in terms of the country. Do we tolerate these people? Or do we say, hey, most of the Quebecois people – 80% – are vaccinated. We want to come back to things we like doing. It’s not those people who are blocking us.”  PM Trudeau speaking about non vaxxed Canadians.

Oh the horror of it all.

Pictured: A sign marks the site of the 7th CISM Military World Games in Wuhan in 2019

The Wuhan 2019 military games memorial!

Canadian Health minister is now calling for mandatory vaccines for all Canadians.

Unintended consequence to that will surely be:

Thousands protest in Berlin against coronavirus restrictions

Our elected leaders have no clue.

It’s a fundamental human right to decide what goes into your body.

The Nuremberg Code supports that right. We executed a lot of Nazis (rightly so) for failing to abide by that code.

SJ says: “I have been triple jabbed. I decided to because I am in the vulnerable group as in I am 70 years old. But it is my right to decide what goes into my body. The argument that this is for the greater good does not hold water here or anywhere and it didn’t hold water at the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi War criminals.

Worth repeating:


All of this just makes me feel like dancing:

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Breaking News:

Thousands take to the streets of Montreal to protest latest wave of authoritarian COVID measures

Quebec is currently under heavy lockdown, with nearly all ‘non-essential’ establishments forced to close, including places of worship, and a nightly curfew being strictly enforced by police.

Thousands take to the streets of Montreal to protest latest wave of authoritarian COVID measures

Thousands of protesters took to the streets on Saturday afternoon in Montreal, Quebec, to speak out against the increasingly oppressive COVID-19 measures presently in effect across the province.

Told ya, didn’t I.