Runaway Train

Breaking News:

B.C. to allow gyms to reopen Jan. 20

“Henry (BC’s chief medical doctor) said but if people can keep their masks on when exercising, that is best.”

A “doctor” actually said this…CO2 poisoning anyone?

What if everyone just stopped doing the nonsense that our leaders tell us to do?  What can the gov’t do? Arrest everyone? And then the jails will be overflowing.

Time to ride the Covid train out:

So much for the “less hospitalizations” theory of vaccination.

Global- COVID-19 hospitalizations hit staggering 10,000 patients as provinces set new records

Much of the current hospitalizations are being driven by Ontario and Quebec. Ontario reported 578 COVID-19 patients in intensive care units and 3,887 in hospital overall, up from 3,595 a day before. Quebec, meanwhile, reported a new record of 3,381 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, including 286 in ICUs.

Deaths, meanwhile, have also begun to rise.

Speaking of Quebec 

3300 Hospitalizations

#1: Age 70+ (2181 hospitalized & 110 ICU) – this group is 95% double vaccinated & 75% boosted!

#2: Age 60-69 (516 Hospital & 93 ICU) – 94% double vaccinated & 58% boosted!

#3 Age 50-59 (245 Hosp & 38 ICU) – 90% double Syringe

Some thoughts from the UK.

The sunk cost fallacy is in full effect and careers and credibility is on the line, but facts are stubborn things, and the fact is that these vaccines are accelerating spread. They do not protect us as was promised. (and promises were definitely made) At best, these are a personal choice to mitigate risk. Probably, doing so creates a net risk for others because you are more likely to get covid and spread covid. The vaccinated are not a dead end for virus, they are crop-dusters for it and spreading it more widely.


Our Covid response is like a runaway train going nowhere down a one way track.