A Covid Convoy

Eanie, meanie, mighty Moe

“While hospitalizations (in Saskatchewan) continue to climb, Moe noted the number of patients in Saskatchewan health-care facilities now is still lower than the number who were in hospital in the final quarter of 2019 — before the COVID pandemic started.”


Ah, the common sense factor:

“It’s time for us as a government to manage COVID as we move forward, and it’s time for us as a society to understand that we are going to be living with COVID for some period of time …

“The goal is to remove all of these restrictions when we are able.”

Hey Bonnie? Are you listening? Nope. Restrictions in BC will remain as is until June 30th.

June 30th? Are you kidding me?

On another note:

And where is our dear leader Trudeau? Hiding?

Where is Waldo?

They will never find him, he is a master of disguise>

I mean, he was front and centre taking a knee for BLM. Indeed “The US and Canadian governments are more upset about this peaceful protest than they were from BLM street shutdowns (and looting, arson, and assault)…in fact, they’re more upset by this than by some terror attacks.”

And then there is this:

The Trudeau government has committed itself to purging or rewriting hundreds of historical plaques and monuments commemorating Canadian history in a revisionist attempt to “decolonize” the country.

A tenth of federal historical landmarks erected since 1919 are going to be revised or completely removed.

The purges will include “major political figures” like Canada’s first prime minister Sir. John A. Macdonald, those “associated with Residential School history” and anybody “associated with the eugenics movement.”

Except of course Laurier or any other Liberal Prime Minister.

I want my country back.

More unacceptable views from the minority fringe of white supremacist’s:


Have a nice day.