The CBC cannot admit their mistake was Fake News. The only actor playing in Canada is our Prime Minister in the role of Prime Minister.

Is this Canada or Venezuela?

Canada’s Cabinet yesterday acknowledged widespread opposition to its proposal to censor the internet in Canada, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez said in a statement. No matter because we’re doing it anyway.

Basílica y colina de Vézelay - Viaje al Patrimonio


One of my favourite songs. Kept me sane and very happy during my 900 kilometer Vezelay to St Jean de Port pilgrimage shortly after my wife passed in 2017.

SJ note

I am going to be away from this blog for awhile due to a family issue. Thanks for reading or tuning in. 

I will only be posting excerpts from some of my books from time to time (see links at the top of the page).

God Bless the Truckers. Remember, God is in control…of everything.

God Bless everyone. Resist the deception. Enjoy and be happy for what we have.

I always have a peaceful easy feeling. Life is good.